Economic Life,Sinking Funds,Amortization and RDs

wealthymatters.comHaving an abundance of material resources and never having to hustle round in the last-minute to find the funds to do what we want to do is a good indicator of wealth.

I first came across the concepts of economic life,sinking fund and amortization as an engineering student.Adapted to our personal finances and business these concepts help us to always have enough money at the right time.

Economic life , a.k.a useful life is the period of actual usefulness of an asset.Beyond this period it is cheaper to replace or scrap the asset than to continue maintaining it.

A sinking fund is a reserve created by periodically setting aside certain sums in an account to replace  an asset in future or to repay a liability.

Amortization refers to spreading an asset’s replacement cost over it’s economic/useful life. Read more of this post

Wealth“Wealth is having all that you want and need.

There are two ways to achieve this:

1) Work to aquire all that you want and need.

2) Reduce your wants and needs to less than what you have.

Both methods are difficult.

In practice, a mixture of both will be employed to gain wealth but option 2 will always be available where option 1 may not always be.”

This is something I came across while surfing the net yesterday.The original is here.

I think it’s a nice and clear way of putting things.Wants are infinite.Our definition of needs are often extended to include everything we can have.Living below our current means is a sure shot way of accumulating a corpus.The corpus , in time , could be put to work to increase our means and so reduce you direct labour to have the things we want and need.In the mean time , work , both hard and smart , is a given.

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