NR Narayana Murthy On What We Need To Learn From The West

wealthymatters.comThe following is from a speech delivered by Mr. Murthy, when he recieved the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence in Public Administration and Management Sciences.

I don’t think we “need to learn” these things as much as be aware of these differences when dealing with Westerners and vice-versa. We have our ways and they have theirs with a a different set of reasoning behind them.Personally I feel neither way is right or wrong.They are merely differences. But sensitivity to them makes interaction and doing business easier.And in any case thing are not as simple as Mr Murthy lays them out.Indians not totally lacking in these qualities and the West is not without its lapses.An a good way to start might be to avoid stereotypes. Read more of this post

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