Quikr NXT – I’m Lovin’ It !

wealthymattersAs I give my home a major overhaul, I am finding the new Quikr NXT instant messenger from Quikr ,a major life-saver.

Normally when a gal has to take out an ad to sell some or other piece of furniture or household-item, she has to share contact details, such as a mobile number and/or an e-mail id and then put up with the inconvenience of callers who consider only their convenience and not that of the seller. Now, I’d personally like to attend to my work and make bigger money  than the few rupees from selling my old stuff. But sellers are unlikely to be pleased, should I tell them so. And then I have the same need for rest and relaxation and sleep as other people and dislike being disturbed in my down-time. Worse, in the past my e-mail and telephone number have been harvested and used by assorted brokers and marketers,pedalling their wares. This time,Quikr NXT has made my life easy.

The benefits of Quikr Nxt are that buyers and sellers do not need to share their contact number or e-mail address and the only point of reference is the Quikr ID. This prevents bombarding by multiple e-mails and phone calls and safeguards the user’s privacy. Moreover,e-mails are not real-time and phone calls are invasive while chats are most convenient. So, I have been able to interact with potential buyers as per my convenience and without worrying about intruding at a bad time for other people. Also as there is no need to actually reveal my telephone number to buyers, should I choose to ‘Maintain My Privacy’, I am assured of not being mass SMS-ed in future. These features have been big help in allowing me to save time and manage it better.

Then there are always people who need more information before making up their minds. And what I have learnt from this experience of selling my stuff is that potential buyers often have very different concerns from what I imagined would be important factors in buying or giving my pieces a miss. The  Quikr NXT chat has allowed me to quickly provide additional information in response to queries and also send a number of additional photos to help potential buyers.

Also, with the Quikr NXT instant manager, the chats I have with potential buyers are available for ready reference, so that I know exactly what I have conceded and/or promised or refused to potential buyers. This has helped free my mind of having to remember them. And frankly, with so many items on sale simultaneously, having to remember what I have said to so many people would have been a big-time effort and drain on brain-power that I would much rather divert to better and more productive activities. And lastly, I am glad that there is a record to show that I have maintained the utmost good faith while selling pre-loved items.

So,should you ever find yourself in the same boat as me and have to dispose or purchase stuff via classifieds, be sure to try the new Quikr NXT instant messenger .You are unlikely to regret it.





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2 Responses to Quikr NXT – I’m Lovin’ It !

  1. BellyBytes says:

    ooooooohh so that explains your silence all these days. Hope things have settled down and also thanks for this tip on buying and selling via QUickr. I can never really understand how these things work

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