Careful What You Do With The Keys

Freedom comes with choice and choice comes with responsibility.

Why do people willingly give up their freedom to a boss, a method or even a despot?

Why do successful entrepreneurs who start a new company take on investors even when they don’t need the cash?

Why do so many choose to go into debt when they might be able to avoid it?

Sometimes, we willingly sacrifice our freedom because it creates an other, someone to blame. It gives us hard boundaries and eliminates potential choices. And mostly, it lets us off the hook, because someone else is driving the bus.

Trying to drive from the back of the bus might feel less risky, but it rarely leads to much agency, influence or control as to where the bus actually goes.

Careful what you do with the keys. -Seth Godin

Seth Godin On Small Business Marketing


Often, small business owners focus on the wrong things. They want a website – want to pay as little as possible – and want to not think critically about how they’ll use the website once it’s finished. They want to buy leads. They want a quick answer to where they should spend their advertising money. They forget that good marketing isn’t an expense. It’s an investment. However bad marketing is an expense that will never return the desired results.

Here’s what small business owners can learn from Seth Godin:

1. “People are selfish, lazy, uninformed and impatient. Start with that and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

No one cares that you think your widget is great. No one cares that you think that a picture of your office communicates that you’re a legitimate operation. They care about themselves – and their problems. Use your website, blog and marketing materials to help your customers solve THEIR problems. More will convert. More will appreciate – and be loyal to you. And more will tell their friends.

2. “Good marketers tell a story.”

We’re hard-wired to tie ideas to stories and analogies. Tell a story that drives home the idea you’re trying to explain and you’ll get better results. Read more of this post

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