wealthymattersIn most cases, when you buy is more important than what you buy. You can make money on the most marginal company if you buy it at the right time; you can lose money in the bluest of blue chips if you buy it at the wrong time.

The right time is when a stock is selling reasonably near the low end of its trading range or at an historically low price/earnings multiple, or when any other trustworthy guideline indicates a sharp reduction in risk. This low entry level provides a safety net dangerously missing at higher prices.

The wrong time to buy for the long-term investor is when a stock is selling near the high end of its trading range or at an historically high price/earnings multiple. – Dick Davis

The Yellow Metal Fixation


Should You Buy A New Car In December?

wealthymatters.comSavvy car buyers always wait for the month of December to buy new cars as the manufacturers and their dealers offer exciting discounts during the year-end to clear inventory. This year, it is even better thanks to a depressed economy and sluggish car sales. For example, you can pocket a discount of close to Rs 75,000 on Ford Fiesta, Rs 75,000 on Fiat Punto, Rs 25,000 on a Wagon R, Rs 30,000 on Mahindra Verito, Rs 60,000 on Chevrolet Spark and so on.Interestingly, due to the rise in petrol prices, there is a huge demand for diesel cars this year. That is why the discounts are mostly on the slow-moving petrol models with little or no discounts on the diesel variants. Here is a list of the best deals in town: http://www.bsmotoring.com/storypage.php?autono=6110

So should you grab one of the current offers?Your decision should be based on how long you plan to use the car, how much you drive daily and after calculating whether the current discounts work in your favour. Read more of this post

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