10,000 Pageviews


Today  marks a mini milestone celebration for my baby blog ‘Wealthymatters.com’.The infant has grown up a bit and now at 7 months of age has managed to clock 10,000 page views. My most sincere thanks to all of you who regularly visit my blog and also the casual reader. I love sharing  my finds with all of you and greatly welcome and enjoy your comments as well. I will continue to post stuff I find interesting and that I hope you will find interesting too. Please leave me comments which will tell me how well I’m doing.Also please feel free to suggest topics you would like me to blog on.I rely on all of my readers for support and I thank you very much for checking my blog out.I doubt I would have persisted so long if not for your visits and kind words.Please pass on my blog’s name to other people that you know may find discussing money matters interesting.

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