Sales Nous From Oliver Emberton

wealthymattersA while back I posted advice from Oliver Emberton :Here

Today,there’s a piece from him on sales.Do read.

When I first started a business, I was 21, bald, and had the social confidence of an asthmatic field mouse.

Fortunately I started my business with an ultra-confident Sales Director, who unfortunately turned out to be both hopeless and completely mental. He punched me in the face during our second board meeting.

At one of our first pitches to a prospective client he bragged how he “wasn’t much of a techie” and “didn’t know how to use email”. These were not inspiring words from a cutting edge web design company. Read more of this post

Oliver’s Advice

wealthymattersOliver Emberton is the founder of Silktide. Here is his advice for would-be entrepreneurs:

11 years ago I was an impoverished student about to graduate with £14 k in debt. I did what any sensible person would do in this situation, and started my own business.

I co-founded with someone who proved to be less than ideal when he punched me in the face during our second board meeting. He owned 49% of my company. Our first annual profit – £200 – was barely enough to buy one iPod touch.

A decade later I’m almost embarrassingly happy and successful, but the road there was long and winding. Here’s some of what I learned:

On you as a founder

  • Firstly, do it.
    Every single person – from my family to my closest friends – ultimately doubted that this was a good idea. (Many started being supportive, and changed their minds when times got harder). If you feel compelled to do it, don’t let anyone stop you, and don’t expect anyone to support you either. Read more of this post
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