This year I had a wish and decided to pay a visit to Mannat Raja Labbagcha Raja.

My wish was for something to which I am prepared to dedicate a lifetime.In the 41/2 hours it took me to get darshan I had an epiphany,I thought I’d best record it for future use.My insight has to do with gaining very long term goals.

1.Sometimes things happen a lot faster than you expect-I believed that the mannat queue meant darshan after an all-nighter or 18 hours or so in the queue.This year due to a surprisingly light crowd,the wait was just 41/2 hours.I didn’t know this at the beginning.

2.First you start every journey by defining some goal as desirable,or something worth achieving-arriving at labaug,despite what everybody else might have said is an example.Not everybody will value what you value.So some will come with you,others not.Soon you will find others with a similar goal.You’ll soon make new acquaintances,rivals and allies.

3.Next you have to find the right place to gain an entry-searching for the end of the snaking queue. Read more of this post

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