This year I had a wish and decided to pay a visit to Mannat Raja Labbagcha Raja.

My wish was for something to which I am prepared to dedicate a lifetime.In the 41/2 hours it took me to get darshan I had an epiphany,I thought I’d best record it for future use.My insight has to do with gaining very long term goals.

1.Sometimes things happen a lot faster than you expect-I believed that the mannat queue meant darshan after an all-nighter or 18 hours or so in the queue.This year due to a surprisingly light crowd,the wait was just 41/2 hours.I didn’t know this at the beginning.

2.First you start every journey by defining some goal as desirable,or something worth achieving-arriving at labaug,despite what everybody else might have said is an example.Not everybody will value what you value.So some will come with you,others not.Soon you will find others with a similar goal.You’ll soon make new acquaintances,rivals and allies.

3.Next you have to find the right place to gain an entry-searching for the end of the snaking queue.

4.You need to commit to your goal.At this stage a lot of people wish to drop out when they get an idea of the amount of effort it might take. Just say yes and begin.

5.At the beginning of your journey,just position yourself best for success and concentrate in putting one foot ahead of the other.Observe others and the situation as it develops and learn.At this stage you know nothing and need to develop your techniques and strategies.Sometimes others will blaze the trail for you.Take the easier path.

6.When we quit,there might be physical problems but often its psychological weaknesses,fear,a lack of confidence in our own abilities.With a faith in ones own energy reserves,frailer people often complete the course and achieve their goals.Instead of scaring yourself with the work to reach your goal,take heart from how far you have come and the number of people behind you,

7,Put your new techniques and strategies into use and refine them.Winning will always bring out some criticism and opposition.

8.Defend your position,stand your ground.You will win,Just because somebody is misusing their position and trying to garner sympathy doesn’t mean they are right.

9.After you reach a certain level,things get easier as you reach the waiting hall and the fans.

10.Sometimes there is nothing else you can do other than follow the path ahead and put one foot before the other.Keep going,

11.Sometimes when you feel you have almost reached your goal,you find that the wait and effort has been doubled ,as happens when you mount the stairs and see that there is another maze for holding the crowd as the one you’ve completed.At this stage visually sighting the goal,makes the slog easier.

12.To keep you going ahead,just pick a goal a little in front of you and do your best to achieve it,Sometimes,despite your best efforts,other people get ahead,but no reason why you can’t  try again and win this time.

13.Not being fluent in the local language is a handicap as use of it instantly wins you the sympathy of the locals.Learn it possible but you can still manage if you can’t.

14.Some people are naturally skilled at attaining their goals,following them or being in their circle gets you to your goal faster too,Like the person who switched lines as smoothly as boarding a local train.

15.Some people are burdened in some way or just not so good at achieving their goals,finding a way around them is a quicker way to reach your goals.Remember the Gujarati family and the sister-in-law.People make their own decisions and have to live with the consequences.I dont have to let them impose on me or cut them a special deal.

16.Rural people are remarkable and have their own strengths.Learn from them to get ahead.

17.Sometimes the defence other people put up can improve your own position.Remember the old gent who put the pushers in their place,

18.Some people break into the queue mid way.They don’t always win.Some cheats win sometimes.But they are not guaranteed a win.

19.Giving way to people who make a nuisance merely means you lengthen your own journey.Is passive aggression worth postponing your own goal achievement?

20.When you near the goal you get to relax,as at the water distribution counter,dallying at this stage just lengthens your wait,

21.Sometimes you just get a lucky break,take it.As you did when the security opened the cordon and wanted two batches formed.Often you have to make your own luck but sometimes you get chances,you just need to grab them.

22.Is rain a symbol of god showering blessing on you or of washing away your plans?You will never know till the end.You can either choose faith and believe in the former and so strengthen your efforts or accept the other belief and weaken yourself.When you are trying something new and beyond your current level of achievement.doubt is inevitable,You have the choice of self motivating or self defeating beliefs.Your brain can help you so far but your faith and guts will get you where your brains won’t.

23.Achieving physically and mentally demanding tasks increases your self belief and confidence,




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