On Unequal Relationships

wealthymattersIn every relationship, there is always one person who is an unequal. If you are at the lower end of a relationship, you have to maintain that, along with maintaining your dignity. Once the ego kicks in, things become difficult……… Love can have many levels, but respect should always be paramount-Karan Johar.

I Seek Friendships

wealthymatters I seek friendships. Very early on in life, I understood that people need people and that’s the only way to survive this world. I invest in my relationships.-Karan Johar

Expectations Equal Disappointment

Some days, you are going to be alone. Other days, your immediate family will be your support system. But don’t expect too much from people. Expectations equal disappointment. Try and build yourself up internally. Attain strength, and see to it that you are self-driven. Once you achieve that, you will be the happiest person in the world.-Karan Johar

Don Your Confidence

wealthymattersNobody is ever going to believe that I was a very shy person. But my mother used to beg me to go out and make friends, because I had a lot of low-esteem issues as a child. I was overweight and was constantly accused of being effeminate. This put me in a kind of zone where I always thought ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I can’t talk to people’. All I would do was eat and study. Of course, today, my mother regrets the advice she gave me! I went through a drastic change when I went to college. We had no uniforms, so we had to wear regular clothes and that’s when I realised, I had to lose weight if I wanted to look presentable or I would never be able to make any friends. Along with my clothes, my personality also changed. Though I was still shy, I never had stage fright. I could stand in front of a crowd and give a speech. Even now, I am shy and put on this garb of confidence. I am always acting. Whenever we leave our home, we are all playing parts and it’s only when we return home, and are about to sleep, that we see our real self. I have realised that one simply needs to find a balance between confidence and over-confidence.-Karan Johar.

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