Clues In Currency Exchange Rates

wealthymattersFor a lot of investors who delve into the forex market, one of the most appealing factors is simplicity. In most cases, you can start out in forex through opening a mini account with your broker, allowing you to trade smaller amounts and thus risk less as you get familiar with the market. Additionally, following currency exchange rates can be a slightly less stressful process than dealing in stocks because in some ways exchange rates tend to be less volatile.

But to deal successfully in forex, it’s necessary to learn the different hints and clues to watch for in measuring exchange rate trends. Along those lines, here are some things to keep in mind. Read more of this post

A Short History Of Debt

A Short History of Debt

2015-2018 Tough Times Ahead ?


Deepak Shenoy of capital Mind draws attention to the bunching of government debt in this post here.

Depending on how the government and RBI react,we could have high inflation,high interest rates,low or negative real interest rates,a weak rupee,slow growth etc. etc.Basically more of the shit we wind ourselves in.

Definitely these hard times will be when a new cohort of people will lay the foundation of their fortunes.Be sure to be one of them.Value your cash and drive hard bargains.

When the going gets tough,the tough get going.And remember Fortune favours the bold.


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