Clues In Currency Exchange Rates

wealthymattersFor a lot of investors who delve into the forex market, one of the most appealing factors is simplicity. In most cases, you can start out in forex through opening a mini account with your broker, allowing you to trade smaller amounts and thus risk less as you get familiar with the market. Additionally, following currency exchange rates can be a slightly less stressful process than dealing in stocks because in some ways exchange rates tend to be less volatile.

But to deal successfully in forex, it’s necessary to learn the different hints and clues to watch for in measuring exchange rate trends. Along those lines, here are some things to keep in mind. Read more of this post

Binary Options Trading

wealthymattersAre you looking for a way to increase your money on the side? Perhaps you’re already doing pretty well in life: Your business is bringing in a fair amount of money, your stock market investments are doing well, you’re driving a very nice car and you’re even using a high end dating service. However, you know that complacency is the enemy. If you do not go out and work hard to maintain your success, it could fade. You want to keep making money in all possible avenues so that you can be more successful every year. If so, you should know about binary options trading.

Basically, this is a type of trading that works with the Forex, or foreign exchange, market. You can also trade with commodities, indices, and even stocks, but not as heavily. Most of it is centered around the exchange market, looking at the currency pairings and seeing how they move up or down in value when compared to one another. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, turning over far more money every year than the stock market, so you know that you can make money if you know what you’re doing. In fact, maybe you’re already active in forex trading. Read more of this post

Buying Forex Online

wealthymattersPreviously you had to visit banks,travel agents or other licensed forex dealers or hawala operators for your forex needs.Now not only banks and travel agents have gone online,but there are now online-only licensed forex sites,that deliver the foreign currency you buy to your hands.How cool is that?Following is a list of such sites.




Some of these sites offer better rates than many banks,so be sure to check them out,the next time you deal in forex.

The FX Situation


Cheaper Dollars?

wealthymattersYesterday the local forex market closed at Rs 56 per USD. So depending which institution a person chose to patronize,whether he/she was buying or selling dollars and in which form, he/she would have paid a price close to Rs56 per USD along with the institution’s commission and/or transaction costs.

However the currency desktop gadget that Microsoft  packs with Windows 7,that I have active on my desktop showed only Rs54.8 per USD.

Now does anyone have any idea where this Microsoft desktop gadget picks up its data from?Is it accurate?

Is this by chance the Visa determined rate and/or the rate banks and other financial institutions have to pay in the international market?Do you know of some way for an individual to get these rates?For example Visa cards in India are issued by banks and Reliance MF in India.All of them charge a fee over the visa rate.Is there some way an individual can get these rates? Read more of this post

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