Interesting Press Cutting

I came across this press cutting online.Its in Hindi.So apologies to my international readers.However you are not missing much as similar information in English is already available on this blog.Link.This cutting is more for the flavour of reading something in the vernacular.Definitely the words on the margin capture our deepest beliefs well.


The Real Rate Of Interest On Deposits


Small wonder that gold prices shot up and gold  investment became popular between 2008-2011,huh?Ditto for real estate.

Gold Facts

Highest And Lowest Prices Of Gold

wealthymattersThe table below is  sourced from .

After crossing the 29k mark when gold fell to around 27k it was pretty scary,especially when the fall in the Rupee against the Dollar seemed to lessen the extent of the fall in gold prices.The palpable fear in the press didn’t help one bit.Personally I held back a lot round last Diwali and this New Year.Perhaps looking at the chart below might have helped a lot then. Read more of this post

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