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5 Responses to The Truth About Gold And The Current Account Deficit

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  2. Alex Jones says:

    I wonder if the Indian government is under pressure by outsiders to try and get Indian citizens to spend? Gold is an investment that is difficult to spend. Investment to me is good.

    • The government having squandered its resources is now on the lookout to seize more.
      A group desperate for money is bound to be easily buy able,
      Don’t know if the Augusta deal and the case of the fleeing Italian Marines reached the UK,They are examples of how easily this government can be bought especially by Italians.
      Undoubtedly a lot of countries would like to see Indians spend,but with stagflation rearing its head,its doubtful how far Indians can be made to spend.

      • Alex Jones says:

        The Italians have a reputation for corruption. The Augusta deal never reached my ears so I had to Google it. In UK people are not spending so much either.

        • More than the Italian penchant for corruption,its our Italian connections in government that allow such things to happen.
          Indians are still spending, but its mostly people looking to drive bargains.

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