Eric Sprott – Find Of The Day

wealthymattersMy find of the day was the works of the billionaire hedge fund manager Eric Sprott. You can read them here:Link.

A good post you could start with is this :Link

Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, you are bound to benefit from being aware of the source materials he refers to.

Canara Robeco’s Take On Gold

wealthymatters.comBelow┬áis an article from today’s ET.The author has failed to convince me that buying and holding physical gold at current prices is likely to be a good idea in the long term.After all paper currency systems must collapse sometime and gold tends to be around forever.But buying paper gold,especially as part of a blended mutual fund such as a combo of equities,gold and debt might have something going for it.Read the article below and decide for yourself:-

Gold to scale new peaks in coming years: Ritesh Jain, Head of Investments Canara Robeco Asset Management.

It’s a lump of metal with no cash flows and earnings power. The buyer even foregoes gradual accumulation of intrinsic value as it is industrially useless. But just imagine the second-largest economy in the world frantically buying this metal. Read more of this post

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