The House of Rothschild

wealthymatters.comHere is a video “Money’s Prophets” based on Prof.Niall Fergusson’s work to balance out all the sinister acts attributed to the Rothschilds in ‘The Money Masters’.Do watch it.It will show an ambitious family rise from relative obscurity to the pinnacle of finance.It will show how they deliberately cultivated their social superiors till they could buy they way into the aristocracy.They might have been upstarts early on but soon they became the very establishment they worked so hard to enter.Undoubtedly they enjoyed the privileges that came from wealth and the proximity to power but it’s hard to see them as evil incarnate.Whatever motives others might choose to impute to them ,they probably saw their own actions as purely business.In fact if we consider the fact that they chose to diversify internationally as a protection against losses due to Anti-Semitic persecution it’s hard not to feel sympathy for them.Do watch this documentary and draw your own conclusions. Read more of this post

The Money Masters

I had trouble sleeping last night and so watched ‘The Money Masters’ on the internet.I found this documentary pretty biased.But that’s not to say that the narrator didn’t make some good points.

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