Piggyback Marketing

wealthymatters.comCost of sales is a big expense for start-ups.However without sales a business is not going  to survive.One smart way to grow one’s business without much expense is to adopt piggyback marketing.Here’s Alok Kejriwal on piggyback marketing:

“When I launched contests2win.com, I really got lucky. I managed to convince MTV’s VJs in India to scream ‘log onto contests2win.com to win x and y prizes’ on the MTV channel all day long. MTV was keen to create online contests – I swapped my service for free mentions on TV.

I was piggy back riding them to a trip to the moon!Going piggyback marketing is hard work. It involves pavement pounding to find a gigantic and huge partner (compared to your size) who gifts you a winning lottery ticket in exchange for your unique product or service. Read more of this post

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