Temple To Get Rid Of Debts

wealthymattersThis short post is for all the people who reached my blog today searching for the temple to go to for getting rid of bad debts quickly.

The Kadan Nivartheeswarar Koil,a Shiva Temple at Thirucherai near Kumbakonam , TN is believed to be the temple to go to for debt relief.

Mondays are believed to be special for Lord Shiva. So Lord Shiva as Kadan Nivartheeswarar,has to be worshipped for eleven consecutive Mondays here to get rid of debts. If you can’t stay for eleven days,then while visiting the temple you can register your name (mention your birth star, gothram, names of your other family members and their birth star) for the archana (chanting) that will be performed on eleven Mondays. The cost for this is Rs.165/-. The prasadam is sent every week and will reach you every Wednesday/Thursday for eleven consecutive weeks. At the end of the eleventh week, or at any later date, you can visit the temple and take part in an abhishegam (ablution) that is done every Monday. Read more of this post

10 Ways To Get Rich


What better person to tell you how to become wealthy than one whose name  is a long term fixture on the Forbes List?Here are Warren’s tips on how to get rich,put together by Alice Schroeder: Read more of this post

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