The Turf War To Issue Currency


To be able to issue currency or determine what passes for money and on what terms, is the ability to impose your will on others and settle deals in your favour.So small wonder that governments, bankers, billionaires and would-be-billionaires see the benefit in fighting to issue money. Go back to history and you see kings have issued currency, bankers/ moneychangers/ money movers and central bankers have issued currencies and then again desperate societies have often come up with tokens for use amongst themselves…………The same old game is playing out again.

Following speech is a sample of a banker trying to ally with state power to squish private money issuers. Read the arguments,file them away for future reference. If you hear these arguments repeated in the media, know them for the propaganda they are. Are they all rubbish arguments? NO. But neither are they the whole story. And passively swallowing them doesn’t serve your best interests. Read more of this post

An Elizabethan Tale

wealthymatters.comwealthymatters.comQueen Elizabeth I(right)  ruled England in the 16th century.She succeeded her father King  Henry VIII, her half-brother King Edward VI and her half -sister Queen Mary I who ruled before her. Between them, her two predecessors King Henry VIII and King Edward VI  had completely destroyed the Pound by debasing it till there was very little silver left in it. Queen Elizabeth,who was very ambitious for England was hampered by a weak Pound so she sought the help of Sir Thomas Gresham(left),a merchant,to solve the problem.

In the days when coins were made of precious metals,debasement was the  practice where the ruler or the government of the day decided to lower the precious metal content of the coin while keeping its face value unchanged.For example,consider a coin which has a face value of 1Pound. The face value of a coin is referred to as its tale. This coin is made up of a metal (gold or silver) and the metal content of the coin is worth 1Pound as well. The metal content in a coin is referred to as specie.So in this example the tale of the coin is equal to its specie, which is the ideal situation. Now the ruler decides to debase the coin by 20 percent. So he reduces the metal content or the specie value of the coin by 20 percent . But at the same time he maintains the face value of the coin at 1Pound. And thus debases the coin. Read more of this post

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