Christmas Greetings


Christmas Is For Giving

wealthymattersThis is an offer for all readers of wealthymatters,worldwide.

This Christmas I am offering readers money to lend on Milaap. If you gave been reading my blog for a while,you know I am against charity,especially of the type that demeans and breaks the spirit of the recipient.By making small loans at fair not usurious rates we can help nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent of people and get them started on the path to prosperity.

Borrowers on Milaap have a near 100% repayment history.This means you are lending to the credit-worthy not just the deserving poor.Also your philanthropic budget can be turned over many times.You can begin with small contributions and build up the corpus you offer over time.So philanthropy and giving on a larger scale need no longer remain the preserve of billionaires. Longtime readers know that the exclusivity of the Giving Pledge and the financial muscle flexing that accompanies it, is something I dislike.All people ,irrespective of their net-worth can give,even if it is nothing more than a smile,a word of encouragement,the use of their skills,their time ,attention and emotions. Read more of this post

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