Gold Play

A few years ago there was no person selling financial products that didn’t have a good word to say about gold, even if it was just paper gold.

And these day’s when gold prices are down, there’s a lot of people talking about the non interest bearing nature of gold and the hassles of gold ownership. “Monetizing ” gold is the new buzz-word.

But round the world, central banks are involved in an interesting gold play. I’m not sure its check-mate as yet .But where all these guys prefer physical gold, I’m not persuaded that letting go of our small stashes is such a great idea. Enjoy the very interesting article below:

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap: Russia is Selling Oil and Gas in Exchange for Physical Gold
-Dmitry Kalinichenko

Accusations of the West towards Putin are traditionally based on the fact that he worked in the KGB. And therefore he is a cruel and immoral person. Putin is blamed for everything. But nobody ever accused Putin of the lack of intelligence.Any accusations against this man only emphasize his ability for quick analytical thinking and making clear and balanced political and economic decisions. Read more of this post

A Gold trading Tip

wealthymatters.comHere is a bit of traditional wisdom:

Gold generally trades in the lower range around March and July. Generally, this is the best time to buy gold and marriage season is the best time to sell gold.

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