Starting With The Tried And Tested

wealthymattersWhile in San Francisco in 1970, Anita Roddick visited a tiny hippie shop on Union Square owned by Peggy Short and Jane Saunders, two sisters by marriage.It was a fun place, offering “biodegradable” shampoos and lotions made with avocado, cocoa butter, and cucumber, packaged in small, round plastic bottles with hand-written labels that were refillable at a discount.The store carried freshly made glycerin soaps scented with strawberry and lemon and perfume oil redolent of gardenia, woody sandalwood, and honeysuckle. It was housed in CJ’s, a car repair garage so the two founders cleverly named it The Body Shop.

When Anita opened her first shop six years later,she used the original Body Shop as a template.The original Body Shop brochure noted: ‘All of our products are Biodegradable & made to our specifications (Bottles 20 cents or bring your own).’ Anita’s version read: ‘All our products are biologically soft and made to our specifications (Bottles 12p, or bring your own).’The original offered Four O’clock Astringent Lotion; Anita sold Five O’clock Astringent Lotion.

In 1987 Peggy and Jane accepted $3.5 million from The Body Shop to change their name to Body Time. Read more of this post

Anita Roddick On Market Research


Solutions Are Important“For me, campaigning is about putting forward solutions, not just opposing destructive practices or human rights abuses.”-Anita Roddick

Hear,Hear !“A woman in advancing old age is unstoppable by any earthly force. I love it.”-Anita Roddick

Anita Roddick On Retailing

wealthymatters,com“Retailing is one of the oldest professions. There has never been a historic respect for it. Yet it can be one of the most exciting because it is often dealing right at the community level.”-Anita Roddick

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