Learning From Talal


Hire enthusiasm they say. And I always thought I had that lesson mastered. Afterall, I already find it hard to sit round instructing others on how to do things in a way that ensures that the work we turn out meets my standards of perfection, so why would I compound my own agony by hiring a person reluctant to work?

But then these days, the Arabs are teaching me a different way of seeing business. Much learning.

Following are Talal’s words. The last 2 sentences really flipped a switch in my brain.

Work doesn’t have to be Boring.

Being different brings smiles to customers and employees.

Being Different Creates Memories And Faithful Customers.


Left to my own devices, never would the above video have evoked this line of thinking in me. I’d simply have seen this as enthusiastic working and moved on . But to see this as a way of building intangible competitive strength, that’s something Talal had to teach me.

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