How to Discover Career Paths with Palm Reading


Here’s how your palm gives clues to profitable  careers you can follow :



The shape of your hands can give you the first clue to career choice in a positive way. For example, if you have a square palm, it may be best if you consider having a profession in a practical field like a nurse, a teacher, an engineer, and so on. If you have an oblong palm, then you are imaginative and creative and it would be ideal if you become a writer, photographer, or a painter, just to name a few. Below are more detailed “hand factors” in palm reading.

⦁ Air Hands

If you have air hands or hands that are usually characterized by square palms and long fingers that come with thin lines, then you will be happy in the communication field. Therefore, you may try television or radio broadcasting, sales, teaching, and other similar careers. This is because individuals like you like to actively use the analytical side of your brain and be reliable as well as careful in the process.

⦁ Earth Hands

If you have earth hands or hands that are wide and  square palms as well as fingers that are rough in appearance, then, you tend to enjoy repetitive tasks and at the same time excel in practical work. Putting these factors into consideration, your ideal line of work can be in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, and mechanical engineering, just to name a few.

⦁ Fire Hands

Fire hands are usually broad and unblemished. If you have them, then you are probably a lot more outgoing than your counterparts that have air hands. Therefore, you are intuitive and excel in instances when you need to make quick and important decisions. In line with this, you have a variety of ways to express yourself; as such, a career in sales is good for you.

⦁ Water hands

Water hands are characterized by long palms as well as fingers and appears narrow overall. If you have them, then you may need appealing as well as pleasant surroundings to be proficient. Putting these factors into consideration, then suitable careers may include interior design, theatre, acting, fashion, and the likes.

⦁ Broad hands

If you have broad hands that contain a couple of lines that are complemented with wide fingers and spatulated tips, then you would probably last only a limited number of days in the walls of the office. These hand attributes suggest that you’re an outdoorsy individual and would enjoy or be successful in careers like seafaring, farming, archeology, and other similar opportunities.


According to studies, Casimir Stanislas d’Arpentigny, a French army officer was the first to develop a system for classifying palms. He focused on fingers and noticed the compelling contrast between the fingers of artists and scientists. He noticed that the former usually have smooth fingers, while the latter have knotted ones. He was intrigued with his discovery and carried it on, until he became the first modern palmist. Below are a couple of factors regarding fingers and how they can contribute to the betterment of your career choice.

⦁ Long Fingers

If you have long fingers, then your career would be fruitful if you would immerse yourself in detail. Therefore, being an accountant or bank manager would be ideal for you. In line with this, it would be best if you would avoid manual work if possible.

⦁ Short Fingers

If you have short fingers, then obviously, you would be the opposite of individuals with long fingers. So, chances are: you would enjoy hands on jobs like mechanical engineering, carpentry, and gardening, just to name a few.

Other factors to consider

Other factors that you need to consider when choosing your career path or, say, financial rewards are the line of your hands. For instance, a good business person needs to have a destiny line or the line running up the palm toward the middle finger since this gives direction and focus to your life. If you have a destiny line then you’re probably destined to great success, but take note that this is very rare and you are lucky if you are one of the few.

However, if you have a straight as well as strong pinky (also known as mercury finger), then some of your strongest attributes are financial acumen as well as shrewdness. If your pinky is complemented by a good index (also known as Jupiter finger), then your chances of success are quite high since it shows that you are ambitious and you wont be content until you have achieved your objectives.


The abovementioned factors are only some of the things that can help you appreciate palm reading or palmistry if you want to try it to discover your career path. A palm reader will take a look at your hands, fingers, and lines, and can answer your inquiries with a little assistance from your date of your birth and stars. Afterwards, he/she can come up with a conclusion that can help you in your career path or financial journey.

All in all, palm reading is a little something that you should consider if you want to achieve work success in the soonest possible time and in the most effective and efficient way possible.

How about you? Do you have a success story regarding palm reading and how it acted as say a short cut to favorable outcome? Then share it with us by posting it on our comments section.



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