Waiting For The 22nd

wealthymattersEver since I purchased my first debt based ULIP from Bajaj Allianz in 2011, saw 8-9% returns in the following years, even as I continued to enjoy the guarantee of a 7.2% compound interest on my money, in addition to a life cover, I’ve considered ULIPs from Bajaj Allianz as interesting additions to my insurance and debt portfolios.

I like the flexibility and diversity they add to my insurance portfolio, so that I can continue to reorder my assets to the changing circumstances of my life as also adapt better to the changes in the world around me and so cover myself against the risks I perceive to my financial vision for myself , family and the legacy I’d like to leave behind.

I also much appreciate the stability , greater predictability of returns and reduction in volatility they bring  to my financial assets. And who doesn’t like a guaranteed 7.2% interest, when banks and the post office no longer offer that guarantee ?

So with Bajaj Allianz ULIPs I could #InvestBefikar & #JiyoBefikar

On the coming 22nd, I hear that Bajaj Allianz is to launch a new ULIP product.  I’m attending  the launch event. You too  can join in by following  @BajajAllianzLIC on twitter and Facebook.I’m looking forward to meeting the people from the company .Hopefully I’ll be able figure out how and where the company might invest premiums, on what terms and then have some basis to judge what sort of returns they might generate, take a dekko at the fine print of the policy and opine on how this new launch might be used to best serve personal financial goals I’ll be sure to blog any worthwhile insights I gain. So stay tuned to this blog or look me up on facebook and twitter @wealthymatters.

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