Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry And Wealth

The immediate impetus to write this post came from watching this video today:

However, I’ve wanted to say what I do in this post for a pretty long time i.e. ever since I started noting the number of readers interested in my astrology , numerology, palmistry and other posts of a like nature and the anxious questions that are asked of me via comments and sometimes even e-mails.I fear that a lot of people are placing an excessive reliance on slavishly following fetishes and rituals to make money, rather than exercising robust common sense and improving their money making skills.

I believe we have each a purpose in this life. We are here to work out our karma from our past lives. And destiny will place each of us in the circumstances and situations to enable us to work through our past karmas. We will also have the resources or face a lack of the resources, as is necessary for us to deal with our karmic issues. But, this is not to say we lead totally fated lives. Depending on our karmic awareness, we can choose to deal with some issues in another life or make restitutions and make peace with the past, or just let karma play its role or be a good person and earn some good karma to improve our lives etc. So why do I believe all this ?What proof do I have ?All the modern science and technology I studied, taught me that science is for explaining how things work in the natural world. But to answer the question of why things are the way they are we need religion, metaphysics and/or philosophy. I choose to believe in karma rather than say Marxism.Nothing else offers any better proof and so under the circumstances, I choose to believe in what I find enabling.

I believe astrology, numerology, palmistry, etc. give a clear insights into a person’s karmic issues. And mind you, astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. all must mutually confirm each other, when read for one person. Speaking specifically of finances, they will clearly indicate how much a person might make, accumulate, how, when, in which other people’s company and in what circumstances etc. Now why do I say so? Its because I have been lucky enough to have access to distinguished astrologers, palmists etc .I have known them to describe details of my past that are not particularly widely known. And over the years I have see the predictions they have made pan out. So I believe that insights from astrology, numerology etc. can help us live easier lives and take advantage of the breaks and opportunities we have in this life.

Now, there won’t be as single person with no good fortune coming to them in this lifetime. Each person will have the means to fulfil their life’s purpose. Not every person will care for wealth and its accumulation. But such people are unlikely to be searching for topics that bring them to wealthymatters, nor will they have an interest in reading and commenting on posts to do with wealth.So chill, if you’re here, you’re on the right track to fulfilling your material aspirations. Not every person may  become a billionaire, but each will achieve the material prosperity that is satisfying to his/her own special individual make up. So quit being so anxious and worrying that not doing this or that will severely compromise your material prosperity.

Gemstones are believed to affect a person’s aura and hence increase the capacity to do some specific things.However, unless you have indications in your horoscope that you will be solely maintained by the earnings and assets created by others, you’re simply not going to be able to live well by copying the “gemstone” strategy in the video above or other similar “strategies”. So just going overboard with gemstones and poojas, with no practical work to build wealth is unlikely to make the majority of us well off. So by all means seek guidance from gifted astrologers,numerologists etc but don’t forget to work on their advice. From personal experience, I can attest that should you act on the basis of good esoteric advice,you will find working in the suggested areas intuitive and you will mostly see quick success. But do take care that you don’t fall prey to charlatans, give into anxiety and let poojas and gemstones overtake your practical efforts to learn, earn and grow your money.

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