Project Management With Comindware Project

wealthymattersComindware Project is a project management software from that dramatically simplifies planning for project managers and effectively enables execution by allowing them to stay on top of  real-time project status.It facilitates collaboration, keeping all work in a single place and ensures full availability of project documentation and related discussions.It helps project managers maximize resource utilization.It enhances team motivation and ultimately significantly increases the overall team productivity.

With Comindware’s Automated Priority-based Planning,a project manager no longer has to waste time manually scheduling routine work.Project plans are are created automatically as soon as priorities are defined and tasks assigned.

With Comindware’s user-friendly Gantt chart, it takes less effort to plan and execute projects.The project manager can spot issues early on and make timely management decisions with the Predictive Real-time Gantt chart. Also Comindware Project shows real-time project status by automatically uncovering open time slots in case the task is completed before the due date,or by shifting delayed work to the future.A person has to simply refer to the Gantt chart to moderate project execution – all preliminary planning and further adjustments are done automatically.This makes project planning with Comindware Project a breeze.

Comindware Project helps determine achievable results by tracking real task progress,based on estimated time minus logged time.So team members don’t have to rely on each others guesstimates of task completion and unrealistic due dates.Task deadline Alerts can be used to alert the project manager to tasks that are behind schedule and needing attention.

Work overload negatively affects team productivity and motivation. Comindware Project allows a project manager to constantly track resource overload as it is highlighted in the project plan.If the same people are assigned to multiple projects it results in a resource conflict.With Comindware Project, it is possible to resolve such conflicts in advance by allocating resources to different projects based on the distributed workload information.Resource Pools for can be used for easier planning and allocation in the case of larger teams and larger projects.Individual managers can be assigned to these pools.

Designed for professional project execution, Comindware Team Network is the industry first enterprise social tool that dramatically boosts employee engagement and productivity by allowing teams to collaborate in the context of their work.This software comes bundled free with Comindware Project.

With Comindware Project,you can get rid of unstructured group e-mails and collaborate on project tasks and plans within your work environment in an organized manner.You can create separate chat rooms to discuss specific matters beyond or across your projects – like product launch, sales collateral, etc.You can invite external partners, customers, you can effectively collaborate as a single community.Also you can manage project-related documents in a single place and discuss them and upload new versions.

Comindware Project is useful in new product development and in the delivery of routine services to multiple clients.It is especially helpful in IT Project Management and in Marketing Project Management.

To ensure the productivity of mobile project managers and teams,Comindware Project has native mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets.Also buyers of this software have the option to start quickly out of Comindware’ secure Cloud or get full control with the on-premise installation.







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