Persist To Success

wealthymattersWhat makes a successful businesswoman? Is it talent? Well, perhaps, although I’ve known many enormously successful people who were not gifted in any outstanding way, not blessed with particular talent. Is it, then, intelligence? Certainly intelligence helps, but it’s not necessarily education or the kind of intellectual reasoning needed to graduate from the Wharton School of Business that are essential. What, then, is the mystical ingredient? It’s persistence. It’s that certain little spirit that compels you to continue just when you’re at your most tired. It’s that quality that forces you to persevere, find the route around the stone wall. It’s the immovable stubbornness that will not allow you to cave in when everyone says give up. – Estee Lauder

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6 Responses to Persist To Success

  1. chitti18 says:

    Fantastic. It seems you like Estee Lauder very much.

    Through your continuous quotes of her, I too start liking her now and that made me to know about her more.

    Thanks so much. 🙂

    • There are too few self made women billionaires and she was one of them

      • chitti18 says:

        Cool 🙂

        there’s a book called “Dare to be Different and Grow rich” which contains compilation of more than 50 successful people’s life bits and their qualities which help them achieve success.

        And there’re few more businesswoman who made phenomenal success had been recorded in it apart from the artist’s success like Madonna etc.

        • Sounds like an interesting book to read.

          • chitti18 says:

            ya, sure it is. It documents right from Bill gates, Warren buffett, John D Rockefeller, Sam Walton of walmart, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Ray Kroc of Mc donald, Starbucks’ Howard Scultz, (last two are the ones who had taken over their business from it’s original founders and did phenomenal success. this book document the same), To conclude here, last but not least, your fav Estee Lauder’s incidents too have been documented. Now only I saw. I read the book a month back but didnt think much about her and so didn’t strike that I read about her in this book.

            Read it. You will enjoy it greatly and it may fuels your ‘100c’ passion as it does for me. 🙂

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