Shame! Shame! ICICI-Lombard


Here is an e-mail that arrived  today:

Removal of unauthorized back links directing to ICICI Lombard website:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We write this with reference to our previously communication as under, requesting on removal of unauthorized back links directing to our website.

‘Hello Webmaster,

My name is Mahendra, SEO specialist from the ICICI Lombard ( – a leading general insurance company in India.

We have observed a links to our website on your website, we have a link from the section of the following page / these links were not added by us and we need to remove these links, as the users coming from your website might not find relevant data on our website & we also believe that someone is trying to spam our website. We request you to remove the links from your website. Kindly let us know once you have removed the links from your website

Hope to get a positive reply from you’.

We would like to inform you that despite our constant reminder mails as above you have failed to provide proper response on removal of unauthorized back link of the Company’s

It is to be noted that there is no specific agreement between you and the Company to act as their Web Aggregators. We would like to bring to your notice that as per IRDA (Web Aggregators) Regulation 2013, you do not function as one of the listed Web Aggregators by the Authority.

We would further like to inform you that only an authorized Web Aggregator has rights to display information pertaining to the Company.

It is to be noted that if you immediately fail to remove unauthorized back links which directs to our website, the Company will initiate appropriate legal action against you at your own cost and consequences.

Thanking You!

Yours truly,

On behalf of
Mahendra Singh
Following is my reply.Lets see what happens next.It’s really disappointing when I come across the really cheap things a fairly well regarded company like ICICI-Lombard does in the name of SEO.


              Let me start with stating that this is the first e-mail I have received from you.So the question of constant reminders does not arise.
              To start with,let me ask you to isolate which exact link (or it is links) you are talking about.The page you refer to is  the homepage of an active 3 year old blog with probably tens of thousands of outbound links.
              Secondly explain to me why exactly you wish to have this link removed.
              You speak of not having added the link on my blog.So how is this a problem?Unless ICICI Lombard merely has orchestrated links on its site and anything else is unacceptable.And how would orchestrated links constitute best practices on the internet?Why are you so certain that my readers will not find relevant information on your website via a link from my blog?And how is the concern with the quality of information my link/links may point to related with your concerns about being spammed by “someone”?
               What leads you to believe that I have any wish to aggregate customers for your company?And why do I need to be licensed as a web aggregator when its a business I don’t carry out?Please point out to me the statute that states that none other than web aggregators might speak about any insurance company.
               My contact details are freely available on my blog.Your company is free to initiate legal proceedings as they see fit.Costs and damages I believe are awarded by the courts as they see fit, not determined by your company or you.And might I remind you that Art19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India guarantees freedom of speech and the courts take a dim view of intimidation and attempts at pre-censorship.

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3 Responses to Shame! Shame! ICICI-Lombard

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  2. They bomb me with this spam since two years and I HAVE NO LINKS to this cheap website. I scanned my website many times for any links to them but I never had links to them. I also wrote many mails to this “ICICI Lombard” but they still continue to annoy me with this garbage.Damn these people! Damn this website!

    • Sergey I don’t know what these guys are upto.Some sort of BlackHat SEO probably,that Google has possibly noticed and then they are trying to do damage control by putting up a drama.
      ICICI is a big bank out of India and Lombard is a big international insurance company. ICICI-Lombard is their JV general insurance company in India.Shocking to see such cheapness from these guys.

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