Internet Speed Tester

wealthymattersIn the past week I have been having problems with my ISP. My upload speed tended to zero.So surfing was a hassle and even accessing simple pages like Google was a challenge.I had trouble reading e-mail.

I found a great tool to make my point with my ISP who persisted in telling me that they were not at fault as they were providing me with the contracted bandwidth.Apparently download speed is in their control and upload speed depends on the website I an accessing.

I had to point out to them that in any case the upload speed can’t be zero,so much so that I can’t reach their own company’s start page to input my password and hence get online,before I got them to improve service.

Is my ISP really telling me the whole truth or is it a version meant to help them profiteer at my expense?If you know more about how broadband internet works,please help me understand things better.


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4 Responses to Internet Speed Tester

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I have a pay-as-you go service, which means I am not tied into long-term contracts, allowing me the flexibility to move around as I need between broadband providers.

    Are you sure your computer is not compromised by a virus that is compromising your connection?

    • Didn’t know about the virus,,,,,But so far my anti-virus software has not detected anything,Any suggestions on which software detects such viruses?

      • Alex Jones says:

        Have you updated your virus software to the latest? It could be also malware that has hijacked your internet connection.

        • Yes antivirus is updated.I also ran a check now.Found nothing.Let me go check for malware.

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