The Price Of Hair


Today I was totally grossed out by reading about the trade in human hair.It felt like reading about the Nazis harvesting dental fillings. 

Human hair supposedly fetches between $200-$1000 per kg,depending on its length and quality.It is used in wigs,hair extensions and for grafting.

Apparently hair snipping from salons are sold as also the tonsured hair from temples.And obviously your permission is not required.

In fact there are traders who buy fallen hair just as there are traders of old newspapers.

As both my parents are cancer survivors,I know that baldness is a side-effect of chemotherapy,But I always felt it was a temporary condition that could be handled with a scarf/cap or a wig made of one’s own hair.And in case of permanent baldness,what’s so bad about going bare skulled?Baldness doesn’t kill and a lack of hair doesn’t automatically make you ugly.

Googling round a bit I was surprised to find some personal finance bloggers suggesting making a bit of money off one’s hair.Made me wonder what else next?Eggs,semen,blood,plasma,kidneys,livers,etc.?Though these bloggers did mention the painless nature of harvesting hair.Yes some poor people sell blood,kidneys etc,to make ends meet………but is this really good personal finance?Don’t we practice good personal finance to avoid financial crises that force us to do such desperate things?And can’t financial advisers imagine better ways to make money?




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7 Responses to The Price Of Hair

  1. Wish I had some hair on top of my head to sell! I think I would be more of a hair buyer.

    • Justin aren’t you bothered even a little bit about being in contact with some stranger’s hair?Somebody who might not even be alive or in the best of health,whose personal hygiene you know nothing about?Somebody who might not really have consented to having their hair cut,much less sold?

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] There is a positive and a negative in everything. For example, Alex mentioned a way in which human hair can be used to help with the cleaning up of oil spills.

    For the record, I am not too fond with the worldwide sales of hair ether.

    • Yes.Alex made a good point.Reading his comment made me feel better.
      I know hair is really just dead cells and all,but somehow trading in hair has the feeling of trading in human bones and bodies.And I came across that business when my sister just started medical college.Hopefully people consented to the use of their corpses and bones for study purposes,but somehow knowing Indians,I’m not so sure that that’s the case always.
      I wonder how many people know what happens to their hair?And whether giving consent to the sale of one’s hair might not be a good idea?

  3. Alex Jones says:

    Hair is good for mopping up oil spills too.

    • Really?Well that sounds more acceptable,better a bit of unwanted human hair rather than the lives of numerous sea creatures.

      • Alex Jones says:


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