Lalbaugcha Raja Auction


I spent last evening at the Lalbaugcha Raja auction.It was my first time.

I am pretty pleased with my “prasad”-a lovely silver modak that just comfortably overflows my cupped hands.It’s a great item to put on my desk and watch the play of light on.Anytime,I want a physical reminder of the abundance of good things God has given me in life,I have but to pick up this modak.

One of the items for auction ,that caught my attention was a gold foot ball .All the items up for auction have  been donated by devotees whose wishes have been granted.So when we see a model house or cradle we can guess what wish was granted.Now a football?Makes you wonder what the wish was for…..Also last year I remember seeing such a foot ball in the papers too.So I got googling after dinner and came across a shocking story in an old copy of the Mid-Day:Link

As you can see from the first photo,I was at the Siddhivinayak auction where Pradeep Bhavnani,if memory serves me right,bid on a couple of necklaces,including a lakhpati haar, for a few lakhs each.I still remember him wanting to offer his purchases at the foot of the deity and seek God’s blessings.I also remember him requesting the temple administrators to donate his money and the money from re-auctioning his newly purchased jewellery to Indians in Japan suffering due to losses caused by the tsunami and the  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.i also remember him announcing to the press how he was confident that Ganesh ji as always would give him 10 times what he had donated.

At the time I was mildly irritated with his grandstanding in the press.Obviously if a person wishes to help there are quieter and more direct ways of doing things.I soothed myself by thinking that perhaps his way would get more people to pay attention to his cause and follow suit.His wife chatted-up my mom and me,admired our purchase, and introduced her husband as a stock broker.We couldn’t really keep the conversation flowing as we didn’t recognize his name nor have any contacts in common,

I think this story should serve as caution.Don’t make friends or at least talk money matters or investments in such places.Verify and take precautions always as everybody might not be who they project themselves to be,


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6 Responses to Lalbaugcha Raja Auction

  1. Vinit Mehta says:

    Fucking fraud disgusted oldie the money of people wat he ate including mine should have burnt inside his stomache and his family which is just a bigger fraud like him including his son and wife should be drag to roads his property should be ceazed and whole family should be in jail till date wateva they are doing is nothin of their own sabko chutiya banake sab ka paisa Khaya hai I just wish I could see this family someday begging on roads for money they ate of others together

    • Keerthika Singaravel says:

      Vinit could you please write all that happened to you and all that happened to others you know so that fewer people suffer because of him.

  2. Alex Jones says:

    I am amazed this individual gets away with what he does. Indian justice must be slow moving.

    • The problem is how to get a conviction.You hit the nail on the head.
      As he didn’t take any of the stuff with him,he didn’t steal,just broke a promise.
      Siddhivinayak was probably able to get him to pay up as,they might have had a 25%deposit which they could have threatened to seize.And Siddhivinayak has government representatives on its trust,Lalbaug is a private organization.
      The cheating case in the paper would be seen as a matter for the courts and may take years to get resolved.
      I most certainly didn’t know about Gandhiji’s house in SA.I wonder if he was contacted by any Birla or it was a case of name dropping?

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