Telling Apart Diamonds And American Diamonds

wealthymattersIf you are wondering if a white stone is a diamond or an American diamond ie cubic zirconia,a common substitute,following are some ways you can try to tell them apart depending on the resources at hand.These methods are good enough for you to take a reasonably good call on whether someone’s diamonds are real,whether you have a reasonable chance at purchasing a diamond at an estate sale,or if you have inherited plain gold or diamond jewellery. However these tests are not accurate or conclusive.So consult a gemologist if considerable sums are involved.

Suspect stones with unusually brilliant “fire.” Cubic zirconia refract more light than natural diamonds giving a rainbow effect. In diamonds, this brilliance is called “fire,” but if a diamond like stone seems unnaturally bright you may want to give it a second look, as most diamonds have only limited brilliance.

Cubic zirconia develop a slight gray cast  if exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.So look for grayness in the stone.

If you can hold the stone in your hand,look for rounded corners. No stone, grown or natural, can hold the sharp angles that a diamond can.That is why they are used to cut glass.If the angles of the facets on the edge of a stone are rounded rather than distinct and pointed, then you likely have a cubic zirconia on your hands.

Cubic zirconia are naturally flawless, whereas very few diamonds in the world have no inclusions. Many jewelry owners use the unique inclusions in their diamonds to identify the stone because no two diamonds have the same flaw. If you cannot see any inclusions even with a microscope,you probably have an American diamond in your hand.

Compare the carat weight of the stone to a diamond of equal carat value. Cubic zirconias weigh slightly more than diamonds of equal size. If your stone appears to weight “heavy” compared to a confirmed diamond of comparable size,your stone is not a diamond and is probably cubic zirconia.


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  1. Alex Jones says:

    I am told even experienced gem experts can make mistakes in identifying the real from the substitute in gems.

  2. very necessary handy information
    thank u for posting
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