Auspicious And Inauspicious Days To Buy Gold In 2013

wealthymattersJanuary 14 Makar Sankranti

January 27 Pushya Nakshatra

February 13 Shree Ganesh Jayanti

February 23 Pushya Nakshatra

March 23 Pushya Nakshatra

April 11 Gudi Padwa 

April 12 Pushya Nakshatra

April 18 Gurupushyamrit

May 13 Akshaya Tritiya Gold

May 16 Gurupushyamrit

June 12 Pushya Nakshatra

July 10 Pushya Nakshatra

July 22 Guru Poornima

August 6 Pushya Nakshatra

August 20 Raksha Bandhan

September 2 Pushya Nakshatra

October 13 Dussera

October 27 Pushya Nakshatra

November 1 Dhanteras Gold

November 3 Laxmi Pujan

November 4 Diwali

November 5 Bahubij

November 23 Pushya Nakshatra

December 19 Gurupushyamrit

An inauspicious phase — Shradh — a period for paying homage to ancestors, runs from September 20 till October 4.

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