Anita’s Tip For A Great Business Idea

wealthymatters“The greatest sickness in our society is loneliness and if anyone of us have a product or a store that counteracts loneliness then we will have a business that will last forever.”-Anita Roddick


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7 Responses to Anita’s Tip For A Great Business Idea

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Interesting observation. What do you think of this quote?

    • Bang on.How many people go to the malls for the lights,the music and crowds crowds?To simply escape being alone at home or to beat the blues?How many people go to a mall and come out without having bought at least a snack or drink?The same applies to going to the bazzars as an outing and to socialize.How many people go to a shop/store because the proprietor or sales people are friendly?
      Have you seen the toy puppy/kitten that seems to breathe and looks alive?Have you seen how crazy city kids are about them?A lot of them are looking for a real live pet for company.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Thanks for your insight. I made a note of that for a business idea.

      • Alex might I use your e-mail to send you a pic of an item made of waste cloth?
        Could you tell me if it might sell in The UK and for how much and whether similar things might be good for export?A first product for our reuse-recycle idea?

      • Alex Jones says:

        Yes, please do.

      • Just posting them now.

      • Alex Jones says:


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