Lakshmi Vishnu And The Start-Up

wealthymatters,com In Hindu mythology, Lakshmi (wealth) chases Vishnu. Vishnu has two sides: Kama and Yama. Kama is the irresponsible dreamer of love and life. Yama is the cautious accountant who watches over debt and death.

Kama is the CEO who dreams big and attracts followers. Yama is the CFO who has to keep an eye on the balance sheet.

Kama has garuda-drishti: the bird’s eye view and focuses on the woods not the trees. Yama has sarpa-drishti: the serpent’s eye view and counts the trees and ignores the forest.

The two are eternally churning the ocean of milk, each one knowing when to pull and when to let go.

In your start up, when you focus on your vision ,incur sunk costs,concentrate on acquiring customers and growing the top line you behave as Kama.On the other hand when you focus on limiting risks,cutting costs,managing or reducing debt,maintaining margins and profitability you are behaving like Yama. As long as you manage to strike a balance between both types of activities you are likely to be Lakshmi-pati (wealthy).If Yama stifles Kama,the business will not get off the ground and if Kama gets out of hand,the business is likely to be run into the ground.


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10 Responses to Lakshmi Vishnu And The Start-Up

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I am lacking in knowledge of Hindu mythology, so I welcome reading of it and how it applies in practical ways to real life.

    • Just to fill you in:Vishnu is the preserver in the Trinity of Brahma (creator)Vishnu and Shiva(destroyer)-The Trinity was an idea that became popular in the medieval period in India,

      Vishnu is also see as immensely wealthy and the God of Wealth as he is Lakshmipati=Husband Lakshmi(Goddess of Wealth)Here’s more about a hoard found in one of his temples

      Kama=God of Love and Yama=God of Death

      In India.philosophical ideas are conveyed using various Gods and incidents in myths and legends as shorthand.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Thanks for this background information. The ancient Celtic culture had a love of threes too.

      • I suppose in oral cultures it helped in remembering things.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Yes, to aid in remembering the Celts used strict structure and verse.

      • Is the language of these copper or is it bronze age people still decipherable today?

      • Alex Jones says:

        To a certain extent yes. Language such as that used by the Picts and the Gaulish is only understood in part.

      • Thats wonderful! And is there research on to discipher more?

      • Alex Jones says:

        Yes there is, I will have to bring it altogether into a web site.

      • Yes and if you can sound effects too.This is going to be an awesome website

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