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wealthymatters.comHere is my new discovery for today:Bullion India.I tried it out today and found the sign up easy and customer service good.I find it an excellent way to buy gold and silver at good rates.Given the tiny units in which you can buy the gold,it is the place to go to make token purchases on auspicious occasions when the prices of precious metals generally rise.Also this site is an excellent way to accumulate precious metals a little at a time as there are no storage costs and commissions.

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  1. Vishnu says:

    Mam, I’m so excited that you are so patient to answer all of questions. Really appreciated. Never mind about the others. I hope that you can clear my doubt about this site. I’m a newbie, sorry if my questions is not worth to your knowledge. Why there is a buy and sell rate difference for gold which is 300 rupees for 10 grams. Which is such a lose for us, isn’t it? Second, there is a huge force between my city rate with their market rate which is nearly 600 , (once I saw), I asked my friend, who is jewellery maker, he suggested that take gold from local market where they offer current market price which is 600 lower than the site sales. I’m confused that why there is a huge difference?

    • Vishnu if gold was bought and sold at the same price, how would the merchant make money? If the rate were same all buyers and sellers would have to be investment minded. For gold merchants gold is just a way of making a living. Gold rates vary as there is transportation costs, financing costs, differences in taxes, differences in prices at which inventory was purchased, inventory holding expenses,somethimes the shortage of gold for immediate sale in the wholesale market etc.

  2. claudette says:

    Thanks for a marvellous post! I certainly enjoyed reading it. You happen to be a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back often.I want to encourage one to continue your great job.Have a nice afternoon!

  3. King says:

    I must thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog. I’m hoping to check out similar high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well.

  4. bommali says:

    hiiii keerthika is there any other sites like bullion india to invest in gold and silver in small amounts like hundreads -thousands…….i just want to invest i dont want to reedem and have the physical metal……..please suggest

    • Sorry.I don’t know of any other better sites dealing electronically with physical gold in small quantities.There used to be the NSEL e-series,now killed off by the scam.
      But if you are not interested in ever taking delivery of the physical metal, why not go for ETFs and other mutual fund products?You can easily invest here with as little as 100 rupees.
      But before you proceed,think about expenses and whether you will really make anything from your investment.Going by history we can expect gold prices to stagnate for 10-15 yrs.

  5. sheldon says:

    You are so cool! I don’t suppose I’ve read a single blog like this before. So nice to find somebody with a few genuine thoughts on the matter of wealth.I really thank you for starting this blog up. This site is one thing that is required on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

  6. Aloke says:

    Thanks for the article.
    I have found another website http://www.fincoindia.com/ . Can you please take a look and put down your comments. Also it will be great if this website can be compared with bullionindia

    • Aloke my preference would be to go with BullionIndia.
      There are any number of jewellers in every locality of every city and town in India,selling gold coins of recycled gold,so why experiment with an out of town jeweller?If you are accumulating gold to make jewellery,you might not care about the origin and the finer details of the purity of your gold coins/bars but if you are interested in investing in coins and bars to trade them as such when required,be sure to pick London good delivery bars,else you will pay the price at the time of selling.
      My preference is to go with BullionVault,if budget permits or alternatively have a friend/relation pick up gold abroad,pay customs duty and bring it into India.The difference in price abroad and locally makes this avenue worth the hassle,even after paying taxes.

      • sunil says:

        Anybody knows on what happened to NSEL. Is there some crisis going on there?

      • Aloke says:

        Thanks Keerthika for your reply.
        I want to buy gold and store them with me as an investment, thats why I do not want to buy jewellery. I just want to ensure that the gold I am buying is genuine. I do not have any friends to get the gold from outside India. Please help me with a few more queries :
        1. If I buy gold from bullion India, is it available at competitive prices than other sources?
        2. How can I ensure the ingenuity of the gold that I am buying from bullion. Do they provide any certificate or anything of that sort?
        3. If I buy the gold from bullion, can I sell it at local shops. How can I prove the ingenuity of the gold while I am selling?
        4. Apart from the gold price what(and how much) other charges will I have to bear to get the gold delivered to my address in Kolkata?

        I will be thankful if you can help me with the above queries.

        • BullionIndia gold prices mimic prices in the Mumbai Wholesale market.The prices are low not lowest.I have found that buying secondhand gold coins or bars from jewellers is the cheapest.But it involves transport costs.Cheaper alternatives are using BullionVault or in the Dubai Souk.

          BullionIndia gold bars are RSBL bars in tamper-proof bubble packaging,accompanied by an invoice.The gold details are printed in the packaging and cast into the bar.If you wish to have the gold independently tested you could take it to a govt.approved assayer/hallmarking centre.If you have purity complaints you could approach the local police.

          Yes you can sell them in the local shops.You won’t need to prove anything.They will accept it as RSBL is a well known refiner.In anycase they have a touchstone to check purity.But I am not certain you should allow them to open the packaging as it will reduce the value,if the trade doesn’t go through.

          For charges check this:Link

  7. Raj Healer says:

    Hi Keerthika,very nice article.
    How does reliance my gold plan fairs over bullion India? The cost of gold at reliance is much higher than bullion India as they charge for storage etc,but considering reliance is bit more reliable than bullion India is it worth to pay such premium?

    • My opinion is no.My personal preference is for Bullion Vault Link ,if you are going to invest in lacs,else its better to buy physical gold from regular jewellers.Today they come in sizes as small as 0.5 grams.I’m not a fan of large premiums on gold,especially when I believe that gold prices may stagnate for over a decade and a half.Investing in a small safe and installing it at home is cheaper.

  8. Rahul says:

    Hi Keethika , why is that trading on Bullion India is not advisable ? Are there any reasons to that ? How safe is this company on the long run , say 10 years from now

    • Rahul it’s not so much that trading on BullionIndia is not advisable,rather that its something that I don’t do,so can’t personally recommend.And should I ever need to trade on bullion prices I believe there are more established and mainstream ways of doing so.As the NSEL fiasco shows,I believe its best to err on the side of caution as we can’t take for granted that our government machinery can be expected to be duly diligent and take timely and measured action.
      Bullion India’s promoters have faced some government action,however its not anything to do with BullionIndia. I have no reason to conclude that the promoters are crooks or that this business is on shaky foundations.But these actions might be early warning signs or then again they could be excessive action that could anyways weaken any business.So your guess is as good as mine when it comes to predicting the 10 year fortunes of this business.
      Personally,when I buy gold I prefer the established names over new ones but am unwilling to pay a premium for this.But in now way do I concern myself with what happens to companies old and new 10 years from now.After all names like Rothschild have exited the gold business and Chinese and Australian companies have made established themselves in the time.

  9. jokula says:

    Nice one!
    I saw an investment option from bullion india (USP) in the papers today..Do you think it is safe? If i started an SIP for a long term at Bullion India?

    • I personally don’t keep my holdings for very long in my Bullion India Account as I use it to buy small amounts of precious metals that I take delivery of as token purchases on auspicious days.That said I know of no reason to doubt the company.So no reason why you can’t do a SIP with them.

  10. Venkat says:

    Hi Krithika,
    The price of the gold (99.5) listed in the site (excluding VAT) looks more than that listed in other sites. Does Bullion india sells the gold at a premium rate than outside?
    Can you explain the prices?


    • Venkat which websites are you comparing prices with?

      Are they in India?Which city are they located in?State levies and octroi charges are different.

      Are the prices quoted dynamic?How frequently are they changed/reported?

      Are the prices you are looking at those of physical gold or paper gold or some derivative product based on gold?

      If you can give me more details,I’ll try to explain the difference.

      I live in Mumbai mostly.My options to buy physical gold,in small quantities, is to source it from the post office or gold NBFC or bank with whatever incentive they will offer me at the point of sale or to get to the dealers in Zaveri Bazar and haggle.The NBFC’s, banks and PO are invariably more expensive than the shops.The problem with the shops is none of them will give you their final price over telephone.So there is the added hassle of a trip to the contested streets of zaveri bazzar and tramping into dozens of shops hoping to knock off a few rupees.These guys will knock off the few rupees and then give you gold from Indian refineries.Gold is gold and this wouldn’t matter if you plan on making jewellery. But if you are looking to invest,you will have to give a discount when you sell.Then there is an option of buying without a bill or buying directly from someone willing to sell.In either case you are bearing the risk of the purity of gold.Even after trying the above tricks,I have not been able to better the price I got.So there days,I stick to Bullion India.I follow the route I mentioned in the main post,buy at falls and take delivery when needed.

      If you plan in buying by the kilo load,my advice is go to Zaveri bazzar and drive hard bargains.Its going to be worth the effort.Or even buy and store it abroad as the international prices are lower than in India.And in places like Singapore you will be paying no GST.

      If you wish to speculate on the price action of gold,the MCX is the place to go.Or better still pick the commodity exchanges abroad.

  11. schmidt says:

    I dont understand, how on earth some one has so much patience to answer all queries that too just being a customer like others..
    guys, there is a trap try to understand


    • Schmidt,

      Instead of making insinuations could you come out openly and say what is in your mind so that I have a fair opportunity to defend myself?

      You have a right to your cynicism,but do consider this:I have been blogging for close to 3 years.This is the only blog I have.In that time I put up over 1000 posts as part of the postaday challenge.In that time I have answered over 3000 comments.

      I believe that when a person reads a post of mine and leaves me a comment,they have honoured me by reading what I have to say and by participating in the conversation and I the least I can do is reply to comments when others have taken the time and effort to type them.

      And do reflect on why I would be posting your comment with my reply if I was interested in trapping people?

      Trading,starting a business or investing are ultimately acts of faith.Despite all the due diligence in the world there is a chance of still failing.But in life we win some and lose some.And as long as we win more than we lose we will be ultimately better off than the people who always fear traps and never take one step ahead in life.You don’t have to be an easy touch,but a little faith in human nature and a little more politeness might do you good.

      • schmidt says:

        I see you are right on back, so being a investor i wont let it go so easily,
        justify it, being a customer for long time, how come u never faced any sort of troubles that other people face very frequent.
        There will not be any customer for any company in this world who can answer any queries in positive way more over diplomatic way for sake of feedback only. If so let me known …i will update myself..
        just company name will suffice ??

        • I’m not sure I quite get your language Schmidt,but as far as I can understand your comment,I believe its not so much that I don’t face problems just like everybody else,I just face them calmly and in a positive way and get them resolved ASAP.If you care to scroll down to earlier replies,you will see I speak of getting my issues with this company resolved in double quick time.

          Also can’t you get the fact that you are commenting on a blog?I reply so frequently because it is my blog,the commentators are my readers and I feel it my duty to answer them courteously and promptly and to the best of my ability.

          What has being an investor got to do with fighting with me?Am I to understand you have some issues with Bullion India?In any case antagonizing people randomly won’t get them solved.

          As for your last para,all I can say is that this is your expectation of the world and that is why you experience what you do.If you’re trying to prove that I have a vested interest in replying to comments on this post,try commenting on other posts on this blog and you are likely to see the same promptness and courtesy in the responses.

          See if you have a problem,calm down and explain what it is and we can see what we can do to address it.

    • Vishal D says:

      @schmidt so you have problem coz somebody is answering to all your queries o_O

  12. horace says:

    Great information. Lucky me I ran across your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

  13. abi says:

    Bullion India is a Scam people….BEWARE!!

  14. Gopi says:

    Stay away from this site, completely unprofessional, my wife placed for 2 withdrawal requests nearly 20 days, they haven’t processed them and they deducted amount from bullion india account. Nothing is organized properly.

    • Gopi says:

      Stay away from this site, completely unprofessional, my wife placed for 2 withdrawal requests nearly 20 days ago, they haven’t processed them and they deducted amount from bullion india account. Nothing is organized properly.

    • Strange Gopi. I hope your problems get solved.But safe to say I have never faced such problems with the site.

      • Gopi says:

        I really appreciate your response, thank you much. Hope issues will be solved, and won’t repeat again.

      • Gopi says:

        No one is responding to phone call also, is my money safe?

      • Gopi says:

        I called 91-22-61420000, no response…

        • Is the money at stake huge?If so, as a measure of caution e-mail them and take your complaint to the police.
          But I think there’s not much reason to worry.Their site speaks of up gradation and today there must be a Gurupushyamit rush,
          At Akshaya Tritiya time I had an e-mail from them advising of delay on account of heavy sales.have you got such a mail by any chance?

      • Gopi says:

        Amount is just above 1 lakh. I will wait for few more days.

      • Krishna says:

        I am also facing the same problem as Gopi. I put a withdrawal request on 11June2013 and after that regularly trying to contact them but all went to vein.
        The Live Chat is not available since couple of days and Customer care (022 6142 0000) doesn’t respond even after waitin for 10mins on their voice guided system.

        The worst thing is that no response from their side and no proper communication on any delay or techincal issue.

        • Agreed.Nowadays their customer service sucks.I faced similar delays round Akshaya Tritiya. But the purchase arrived in good condition in 5 days.And as for the phone you really need to hang on.If you drop the line you are unlikely to be able to talk to anyone.And some of the BPO operators are not well informed so you will have to call again to find a better one.

      • Krishna says:


        Sorry for the trouble caused:

        Now I see a proper message on their site as “Due to technical upgradation, your redemption and withdrawal requests will be processed in a few days. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted.”… so we should wait and watch for couple of days.

      • Gopi says:

        I got all my money…Thanks Keerthika for your support.

        • Thanks for your comment Gopi! Hope you’re satisfied with your purchase.
          People get nervous if they don’t get their purchases fast enough or if there is some or other hitch and often start implying that I am something of a front for a scam,simply because I happened to write about the service.
          Hope your independent comment gets people to cool down in future!

    • Gopi says:

      Actually I like this company, because there is neither brokerage nor inventory charge. only charge on customers is 1% bid-offer spread, it is very low if we compare it to other competitors. Actually I am easily able to make 1-2% profits per month on this website. I think they have unfortunate events for past 1 month. Hope they all will be solved. Though I am not willing to invest huge money, I will continue trading in moderate amounts .

  15. Piyush Verma says:

    Hi Keerthika,

    I would like to know is this site is good for lang term investment?

    • Piyush your investment whether long/short can be in gold or silver not in a site.Only you can decide if you wish to invest in precious metals at all.I personally will do so with a time horizon of 30yrs and more.
      Now if you buy precious metals from a shop you are not going to be concerned if the shop is going to be round for any length in time so long as you are assured of the purity of your purchase.
      Similarly if you are taking delivery of your purchases from this site why will be worried about the long term fate of this company?That said I see no reason to suspect the promoters of being crooks.And I have taken delivery of bars from this site and have no complaints.

  16. Virendra says:

    Hello Viewers,

    I opened the account the day I heard of it on CNBC Awaz. I trust that channel like anything. Deposited 500 Rs initially. As the rates are going more down and was predicted to be going further down till 23600, I opted to sell the holdings. The only mistake that I made was I clicked the Sell button twice and It actually Bought another dip for me. This was strange. Sell button even works the same as Buy did. Also, I was not having anything into Silver but still when I clicked on Sell, it actually purchased Silver for me…This is very critical bug in the WebTrader. This is not expected in such sites.
    Did anybody else faced such problem?
    Kindly suggest.

    • No never had the problem,maybe because I have always bought units to take delivery.Which browser are you using?Which anti-virus are you using?Have you scanned your computer recently?Have you spoken to the management?If the software has such a problem,it is a serious matter.Please take it up with them after checking your own system.

    • Aditya S says:

      Hi Virendra, This isnt any bug, the web trader allows you to sell even if you have not bought any gold/silver (short selling) but you will receive a mail from bullion India informing you that the transaction isnt executed. Will suggest you to go through the demo section of the website to get more details on the platform http://bullionindia.in/Demo/index.html before starting your trade. I faced similar problem long back and as the order isnt executed its no harm however next time be careful 🙂

  17. Pradeep says:

    Hi keerthika,

    This is the message to you .. I have read the comments you post . I saw your comments are supporting to this trading website . You know what ? When i was give the customer complaints link to an agent he just closed our chat and he escaped. So please don’t supprot them without any proof.

    “Money doesn’t grow from the tree of yours”


    • Pradeep what agent are you talking about?
      Have you called them on this number?+ 91-22-61420000 I have called here.In my case it was a lady answering who sorted out my problems with opening an account.
      Where did ever claim that money grew on this or any other tree?I just said that it was a cost effective way for retail buyers to buy chips on festive occasions.
      I am sorry for the trouble you faced but I was satisfied in my dealings with this company and blogged to that effect.I think I have the proof I need to write about my personal experience.
      If you have been reading the comments you will see that some others have had some problems.I have not tried to suppress views contrary to mine.So instead of going on the offensive against me why don’t you do your research before investing?And please note I have not recommended trading on the site.Its something you have done on your own initiative.

      • victer says:

        Dear keerthikasingaravel,

        I observed that you are the only person answered so many posts in this and that to positively with bullion india. Can i know that from since how many days you are trading in this website? And Till how many transactions you made? How much worth of this transactions? These are for just a better understanding of your perception.

  18. k.n.b says:

    hey there are any website like bullionindia.com ,gold buyeing sell , for secure amout

    • Do you want to take delivery of the metal or trade in it or just punt on its price?Accordingly there may be options.

    • Jiju says:

      Hi Bullion India is a waste of time just stay away..i tried calling them writing to them and tried all options for transfering funds to my trade account it does not work…its a waste of time ….its just a scam i guess..they dont escalate .The promoters and management are verywell aware of the situation and using the support to shield themselves..quiete unethical and shamless …

      • Cool down.What exactly happened?When you say you tried transferring funds to your trade account,did you lose money in the transaction?If so first get the transaction ID from your bank and details of which account it was transferred to.Then communicate to Bullion India with the details of the transactions.If they don’t reply to your satisfaction, file a police complaint.

        However I must say,your experience is vastly different from mine.

  19. k.n.b says:

    hai , please tell me can i invest in bullion india is it secure for huge amount

  20. N Aditya says:

    I have an account with them and found that Customer care is just hopeless. I have transferred some funds to my account through NEFT on 14th Feb and till now(20th Feb 2013) they have not put the funds in my account. Most disappointing thing is they just dont reply your mails or complaints on Help link. Totally indifferent. I wonder how the service would be once their customer base grown even further. My suggestion is please develop a lot of patience before you start dealing with these guys.

  21. VMadhav says:

    Will bullion india charge any commission while purchasing and at the time of sell? if so, how much? I am first time user of Bullion India and would like to invest periodically on a long term basis..Regds, Vmadhav

  22. Simhachalam Mamidi says:

    Hi Friends,

    I’m Simha from Visakhapatnam, India. Today I started my account with Bullion India and I would like to do trial run.If it works I would like to continue.

    Please suggest if any one has personal experience.


  23. sunil says:

    I find bullionindia is an unsecured site where I can’t trust…

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  25. Sangeeta says:

    I was looking for some feedback on Bullion India as I just became a member and am about to deposit funds in my account with them. I tried the debit card option and it didnt work so I asked for help online. Their rep replied that I should try refreshing the browser. Yeah, like I wouldnt have tried that several times before troubling them. I tried netbanking too, the page just refreshes with no option to enter further details for payment. The page dosent connect to the billdesk. I have sent an e mail again but am expecting an unhelpful reply. Lets see. I’ll take my business elsewhere if this is how the response has been.

    • Yeah you are having real problems and if they don’t get sorted out to your satisfaction,I will be the first to encourage to vote with your feet,Don;t risk your money needlessly,
      I use Chrome.Which browser do you use?Maybe this is a browser incompatibility issue?Also which bank are you trying to draw the money from?ICICI seems to work fine.

  26. Sandip says:

    Hi, I found http://www.bullionindia.in/ website very poor in terms of functionality. Once you log in still it asks for ” Be a Member” ? You can not edit your Personal information after clicking on EDIT button etc… Such poor functionality makes me think twice about their commitments.

    • Which browser are you using?I use Chrome and I sometimes have similar problems with other financial sites due to browser incompatibility.
      I have never come across the Be a Member Problem,I can log in just fine,
      Also I have been able to use the edit button with no problems.
      Have you called their helpline?Personally I have found them courteous and effective,
      How serious is your problem?Have you lost money while using the site?

      • Sandip says:

        Hi keerthikasingaravel,
        they have made good changes in website. And I liked the way they improved. I have started using it since few months. Great flexibility and prices are offered for small investors. Looking forward for Android app too. I will refer my friends to use it. +1 to Bullionindia for bringing buying gold/silver to all kinds of investors.

  27. Abhinav says:

    I have a question here..bullion india appears to be too good to be true and how one can be sure of the authenticity of the company before investing? considering the cases of frauds in India I am bit septic..it will be great if some one can help me on this..

    • Abhinav I have no proof to offer.Frauds exist everywhere not just in India so it is always Caveat Emptor. However I find the promoters cited unexceptional.
      I have personally used the site to make token purchases on auspicious occasions and find the site good for the purpose.Definitely better than the local jeweller,bank or post office.

      • Abhinav says:

        Thanks @keerthikasingaravel
        for your comment. As you said you have a personal experience in dealing with bullion india, you have received the bullion in physical and further how to get to know the details of the charges levied by them on the same.


      • Amit says:

        Hi Keerthi,
        I am planning to start investing money in gold through bullionindia.in, however, I am reluctant due to the large number of frauds worldwide. However, since your last reply on 3rd dec here, have you got the delivery on above. Please let me know so I can start of right away. Awaiting your valuable reply.

  28. should I ever be in the market, I know where to go

  29. Schalk says:

    Wow, so they even store the metal for free? That is quite special.

    I invest with Goldmoney.com and they have a significant storage fee (which is of course understandable seeing the security measures required to safely store precious metals).

    • I took a quick look at Goldmoney but saw no option of taking delivery of the bullion purchased.Have you taken delivery and what were the costs involved?And how are the taxes,especially VAT paid?

      • Schalk says:

        Hi, sorry about the late reply. Things were a bit hectic here.

        Goldmoney definitely gives you the option of taking delivery, but I have never done it so I don’t know the details. You can read more about it here: http://www.goldmoney.com/physical-metal.html

        But if I actually wanted to take physical possession of my gold in Goldmoney, I would simply sell gold from my Goldmoney holding and use the resulting fiat currency to buy coins from a local dealer. Goldmoney charges nothing when you sell you gold/silver and I would definitely prefer coins above bars if I am to take physical possession. Also, shipping the bars might even be more expensive than the premium on standard coins.

        Basically, I see Goldmoney as a “gold standard bank account” – a place where I can store my savings as real money while still enjoying most of the electronic conveniences of fiat currencies. You have the preservation of purchasing power through gold combined with the liquidity and convenience of electronic fiat currencies.

        The only negative is the 2.5% fee for buying gold to add to your Goldmoney holding and the 0.15% per year storage fee. This is higher than bank charges for a normal savings account, but still very much worth it.

        • Don’t apologize. I myself have not had much time to blog lately.

          I too was struck by the charges of goldmoney.

          Here savings accounts earn 4%pa and liquid funds 7% and more so I can’t see myself using these services as savings accounts but since Bullion India sells bullion cheaper than on the street and rematerializes and delivers at negligible rates even for tiny 1g wafers.I plan on using it as a procurement source.

          Its a pity Bullion India doesn’t sell platinum and palladium.Here shops sell them at a 100 percent premium.

          • Schalk says:

            Wow, that almost sounds too good to be true. I wonder how Bullion India actually manages to make money while still ensuring secure and ensured storage and delivery of the precious metals.

            So you store your gold at home? Don’t you feel that is a bit risky/expensive?

            • One of the promoters of Bullion India is Riddhi Siddhi Bullions-India’s largest bullion dealers and they have outlets even in small towns in rural areas where they do good business after the harvest.So it is really a matter of economies of scale.Also I am lucky to live in Mumbai which along with Ahmadabad are cities which are points of delivery,
              Sorry Schalk I don’t feel comfortable answering the next question online.However should we ever meet I’d be happy to do some show and tell.

              • Schalk says:

                Yes, I suppose it helps a lot that Indians have such a rich gold culture and so many people save in gold. I wish the West could catch up and allow savings in real money to go mainstream.

                I apologize for that second question. It was not appropriate.

                • Not at all.You are my friend.The question is fine.Just answering it on a blog would be unsafe.

                  The day the rest of the world catches India’s Gold fever is when transmutation of base metals into gold will become a commercial reality.By then who knows whether gold will be gold or go the way of pearls?

      • victer says:

        Dear keerthikasingaravel,

        I observed that you are the only person answered so many posts in this and that to positively with bullion india. Can i know that from since how many days you are trading in this website? And Till how many transactions you made?

        • I do not trade on this website.In fact I don’t trade on the price of bullion and must warn all readers to refrain from it unless you are prepared to lose your capital.

          I buy and take delivery of gold and silver bars in small amounts,Buying on this site when prices are lower and then making a token purchase and taking delivery on auspicious days works out cheaper than buying from banks,post offices, NBFCs, jewellers and from online stores on these days.

          I have recommended this site as a way to make token purchases on auspicious days.

          I just don’t understand what makes people vent on my site when they have done something I have not even recommended they do.

          And I have so far used the site about a dozen times and have faced no problems.

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