More About Bullion India

wealthymatters.comThis post is a follow up to the exceedingly popular one here:Link .I hope the information here answers a great many questions in reader’s minds.

1.The G-units can be redeemed in 1 gm, 5 gm and 10 gm bars and S-units in 10 gm, 20 gm, 50 gm and 100 gm ones.

2.They deliver all over India and the charges are the same for all locations.So the more remote your location,the greater your advantage.The details of delivery charges are as follows:


Size First Bar Subesquent Bar
gm Rs Rs
1 230 130
5 350 250
10 500 500


Size First Bar Subesquent Bar
gm Rs Rs
10 150 50
20 150 50
50 200 100
100 200 125

3.As you have already paid the 1%VAT while purchasing your units,you will have to bear no further charges at the time of delivery.

4.Packages are delivered by Speed Post by India Post.So they are track able.

5.You, the purchaser, bear no risk of loss of the package in transit as Bullion India and India Post have it covered by insurance.

6.Unfortunately,you or your agent can’t take delivery personally from their outlets.

7.Should you decide to book profit by selling the units and not take delivery from Bullion India you will have to pay the company a 1% charge on the profit Eg: Suppose you bought G- units worth Rs. 100,000 and sold them after sometime at Rs.105,000 .The profit made is Rs.5000 and Rs.50 will be retained as charges by the company before remitting your money.

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