Diamond Colour Chart

Except in the case of fancy diamonds,where vivid colours are preferred,the most prized diamonds are colourless and grading a diamond optimistically is a fine way to improve margins.I use the chart above to judge colour. Ideally diamonds should be colour graded before setting them because the metal colour is taken up by the set stones.A good workaround to the problem is to wear a diamond of the grade you wish to purchase set in the metal of choice and compare with the gemstones in the piece you wish to buy.This way the effect of different colour lights can be controlled too.Slightly yellowish stones might not show on yellow gold but why pay more for them?


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9 Responses to Diamond Colour Chart

  1. I love coloured diamonds – guess that shows how sophistocated I am
    I love the chocolate diamond

    • LouAnn, the white preference is mostly an Indian thing,just like a preference for 22 carat yellow gold.
      Coloured diamonds would be very difficult to resell in India, unless set in some signed jewellery or if it had some great provenance.
      That said, I do love the fancies.They are so much more unique than the standard ice cubes and yellowish diamonds.However the only coloured piece I possess is a 1.5 carat natural green one set in jewellery.And the reason I bought it was because I won a steep discount on it as a prize.

      • I love the colour green – I would probably love a natural green diamond–I find I learn a lot from your blog

      • I’m so glad you find my posts useful.
        If I find a good green diamond at a bargain price,(a few hundred dollars) I shall write to you.The diamond processing outfits here normally have quite a few lime green ones ,Dark green is a lot rarer.

      • thank you 🙂

  2. zap197842 says:

    thaanks for sharing

    • You’re welcome

  3. says:

    Thank you for the information.
    Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

    • You’re welcome avi333j.

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