Hijack Marketing


Here is Alok Kejriwal with another interesting way of getting your company and its offerings noticed:

Do you have the guts to go to an industry conference or convention, sit in the back rows and then announce your name and Company and ask a question (intelligent please) in every session?

You will be effectively ‘hijacking’ a high profile industry event and getting quickly noticed amongst trade, press and potential customers.

Last year, at the flash gaming conference in San Francisco (organized every year by Mochi Media), there was an entire panel dedicated to ‘high quality games’. At the end of the session, I stood up and said ‘I am a successful games company that makes medium quality games, in large quantities. I believe in the Cartoons model of decent quality with lots of content vs. the Hollywood model of few movies that cost trillions. I don’t believe your hypothesis. And I have comScore numbers to back me’. The panelists broke into a fight with me, but the silver lining was that for the entire week, wherever I went (it was game developers week), I would meet people who said ‘Hmm…you’re the dude who questioned quality vs. quantity…. Good question’…

It’s not about being disruptive. It’s about going to events and conferences where the center of gravity of your business is and making your self get noticed.

I believe that this is high impact, albeit non-scalable marketing that has its own unique role to play.

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4 Responses to Hijack Marketing

  1. zap197842 says:

    nice one

  2. Alex Jones says:

    Another way is to identify a social group and its leaders, then get the leader to to associate with your product, which causes the whole social group to follow.

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