Reader Appreciation Award

wealthymatters.comI am happy to accept the Reader Appreciation Award from Nicole of NMNPHX.This is my second award from Nicole.

Thank You Nicole.It feels good to be appreciated!

Now onward to writing 7 new things about myself:

1.I love making Mithai (Indian Sweets)-The richer the better.

2.I love making pickles.I’d love to go commercial with them.

3.I love making  jams,jellies,marmalade,preserves,sauces,chutneys etc.

4.I love appalams and vadagams – small, sun-dried,deep fried side dishes.I think they raise simple meals to divine heights.

5.I collect recipes of food that survive well without refrigeration.I hate the thought of us losing them because of disuse.If any of you have some such recipes please share them with me.

6.I collect recipes using plants,vegetables,fruits,berries,forest produce,game birds and animals etc,that are no longer commonly available in markets today.Again I would love it if you can share such recipes with me.

7.I have a fondness for old style kitchen equipment.The best collection I have see recently is in the Casa Araujo Alvares in Goa.Any of you guys have such stuff lying around at home?Then,do post the pictures in the comments section.

Now for the new Winners of the Reader Appreciation Award:

1.Andy Cheung:Andy was the very first reader of my blog whom I knew by name.Andy I know you like articles about the greatest stock investors of our time,especially those of the value investing persuasion and self-help or motivation articles.I have not posted recently about value investors,but I hope you found some of the motivational pieces helpful.I will try to do a few pieces on value investors soon.I am sorry I am no longer able to correspond by e-mail.Between the pressures of work and the deluge in my bail-boxes it has become an impossibility.I hope your book is coming along fine.

2.Avishek :I know reading is not really your thing.You would rather be doing.But thanks for your comments and likes.Sometimes a body just needs friends to give them that push to get ahead.Getting on Twitter did bring me many followers and I will get onto Facebook , Google+,Tumblr,Pinterest etc.ASAP.I know you would rather have me be doing rather than writing this…..Thanks.

3.Marie Wetmore:Marie’s reblog of my post Billionaire’s 10 Keys To Success started off my follow list.Till Marie came by, Wealthymatters was one lonely blog.Thank you Marie!

4.LouAnn of On The Home Front :Thank you LouAnn for your constant support,encouragement and kind words.

5.Alex Jones of the Liberated Way :Thank you Alex for your likes and comments.Your’s is the gravatar I am most likely to encounter first each morning.It is great to have you for a reader and blogging buddy.

6.Schalk of One In A Billion Blog:Thank you Schalk for being such a good reader.I have found our conversations informative and interesting and benefited from them greatly.

7.Sharmistha Basu:Thank You Sharmistha.Our conversations have been fun.I feel like I am chatting with an old friend.Thanks for being such a good reader.

8.Stephen Edwards: Thank You Stephen for your constant encouragement .

9.Shafiquah:Thank you for your constant support and wonderful poem.

10.Sunnyace:Thank you for all your reblogs.You have helped so many bloggers and blog readers connect with each other.


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27 Responses to Reader Appreciation Award

  1. zap197842 says:


    • Thanks

  2. nightlake says:

    Congrats to you:)

    • Thank You

  3. thanks a million times Keerthi. 🙂

    • You’re welcome.

  4. Reblogged this on Earth in black and white.

  5. Schalk says:

    Good stuff! The awards keep flowing in 🙂

    • Thanks.I love receiving them!

  6. LAND OF FUN says:

    So much congrats to you !

    • Thanks!

  7. Congratulations!
    Best regards from Belgium

    • Thank you Eric.I have just been following your blog for a bit now and having much fun.

      • Thanks!
        We have two brand-new international blogs
        “Voyage en éphémère” and “Graffs en Capitales” Maybe, you would like i send you the links?

      • Please do. I would like to follow them.

      • there they are … … 60+ new pics … 30+ new pics
        Hope you will enjoy “street art and graffiti” from over the world!

      • I will.Thanks.

  8. Alex Jones says:

    Congratulations on your latest award. Your blog is well deserving of this award as a source of wisdom on wealth making. Thank you for your positive comments about my blog too.

    • Thank You.
      You deserve your award: it is well earned!
      I was just going to inform you about the rules below:

      1. Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

      2. Describe 7 things about yourself.

      3. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Thank you for thinking of me for this award. I have added this here:

      • Alex your icon had top of the mind recall!
        I see your icon ,first thing in the morning,literally,everyday!

      • Alex Jones says:

        Wow, how does my icon achieve that?

      • Sure.You beat Dell,Windows,ET,Nokia etc to the finish line.Truly the power of blogging!

      • Alex Jones says:

        Glad my little blog can provide the big guys with some limited competition 🙂

      • Yeah.And just took a look at your trophy case-truly staggering.You are one awesome blogger!

      • Alex Jones says:

        So are you 🙂

      • Thanks.

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