Wealthymatters Recognized As One Lovely Blog

Late last night, Wealthymatters was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Nicole of NMNPHX .I accept with pleasure.Thank You Nicole.

The Lovely Blog Award is pretty interesting.Its origin and creator are not known.There are quite a few variations of the badge that goes with it.However its rules are pretty well documented :-

1. Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

2. Describe 7 things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers.

Going by the stats here ,of the 7 Billion people of the world(approx) about a third,i.e. 2.3Billion (approx)have access to the internet.

Wealthymatters now averages about 456 pageviews a day.And Alexa claims visitors to view 1.3 unique pages each day on average. So approximately 350 people might be stopping by my blog every day.Given that there are 172 known followers of the blog,not all of these estimated 350 visitors are first-timers.If I assume 200 first-timers a day,at the current rate,it will take 16 million days i.e.438 centuries to reach each internet-user,assuming of course that the number of internet users remains unchanged in the interim-An absurd notion,along with the impossibility of living long enough to attempt it!All this math should show how hard it is for a baby blog ,no matter how promising,to attract eyeballs on the internet.Of course not every body will like everything that is written or even wish to read blogs,nor does every blogger want the whole wide world to read their blog,but nothing detracts from the fact that bloggers and blog readers need to find each other.And the creator of the One Lovely Blog Award found a genius of a way of helping bloggers and blog readers find each other.Lets do some math:On the first week the originator of the award would have nominated 15 blogs,in the second week 15^2 =15*15=225 would be highlighted and in a month50K+ blogs would be highlighted.So my thanks to the unknown originator of the One Lovely Blog Award.You Rock!

Now directing the spotlight on Nicole of  NMNPHX ,the awesome person who nominated Wealthymatters for the One Lovely Blog Award.I have been following NMNPHX for a couple of months now.During this time I have found Nicole’s posts to be interesting and a spur to action on my part.Her post Where’s George?was the inspiration behind my post Track Gandhi .Nicole You Rock!Thanks Again for this award.

Onwards to putting down 7 things about me:Maybe I too Rock?

1.I am a hearty eater.I like to tuck into the local cuisines of the places I visit.However I am far from a gourmand and I dislike poorly prepared food.I like  haute-cuisine well enough, but I am not stuck on gourmet.I like peasant food,street food and home-style cooking too.I don’t like the taste of spirits generally and couldn’t really face them till my friend Adam Boyd introduced me to sour-mash.Now my limit is a couple of cocktails – if I absolutely must.However I dislike shows featuring eating competitions,ingesting rubbish etc.I respect food and my body too much for that.

2.I like reading:mostly historical novels,some romances occasionally,business books-often biographies & auto biographies of industrialists & some how-to books,investment books -again biographies & autobiographies of famous investors & some how-to books and art,architecture &design books.My last book was Valerie Fitzgerald’s Zemindar.

3.I like living surrounded by nature.Even in my kindergarten days, nature walks were my favourite activity.I like the feel of the sun,wind and rain on my skin.I used to like the feel of mud under my feet but these days I have become too hygiene conscious.However I still like walking barefoot on unspoiled beaches.I satisfy my craving for nature by taking long walks on the promenade opposite my home and the woods on the hills behind.I can see fish,some crabs,crows,gulls,migratory sea birds,migrating butterflies, owls, rats, cats, dogs, monkeys, crows, pigeons, sparrows, cuckoos and the occasional sun-birds.I collect shells and miss them on the beaches these days.However I am happy about the massive tree plantation and greening efforts going on in my neighbourhood.

4.I generally like animals.I have a cat.He’s a Royal Seal-Point Siamese with blue eyes.His name is Shasha but he answers to Shashu,Sweety,Sweetie-Pie,Poonai,Solomon,Pretty-Boy etc. We used to have a dog before,a grey Alsatian named Zeus.But he’s been gone for over a decade now.He was very much mine as a puppy but became my dad’s dog when he grew up.I have never fully understood big dogs and why someone might want them more than the toy breeds-till I met Wolfie,an Alaskan Malamute,this Friday.He seems like the perfect sort of dog to watch TV with and to go exercising.

5.I admire fine craftsmanship and have a deep interest in luxury goods and good quality handicrafts.At the same time nothing puts me off more than shoddily made. mass produced souvenir items.I can spend hours shopping for such quality items.So I am the person you can see carting back Isfahan carpets,Balinese masks and Native American jewellery.My favourite shopping destination for handicrafts so far has been Jakarta,Indonesia.

6.I love the sea.I like the gentle lapping of the sea waves.I find it conducive to meditation.I love walking through the mix of pouring rain and surf  listening to the crashing waves and howling winds of a monsoon storm-nature’s symphony at its best.I love the changing colours of the sea -sometimes blue,sometimes green,sometimes brown,sometimes grey,sometimes a shimmering gold,rarely an orange or purple.I love the colours of the rocks, the sand and the sky.I like watching the city’s skyline merging with the water-line and the sun or moon at the horizon.I like watching the city lights reflected in the still waters of the bay at night.I like the vastness and timelessness of it all.I love to streak through the sea on a power boat and race with the gulls.I was born by the sea in an ancient port town.I live by the sea and,each day,I awake and fall asleep to the sound of the waves.One day,when life is done, I will be one with the sea.

7.I like to walk down city streets and make discoveries-Quaint shops,neighbourhoods time seems to have forgotten, remnants of a bygone era.I like walking through open-air markets and visiting urban villages and discovering old temples hidden among the high rises.I like to conjure up in my mind scenes from the past and try to imagine how the people of the time might have lived.I have a fascination for flea markets and the treasures they sometimes throw up.Sometimes I just like getting into the bus ,preferably the top deck of a double decker and taking a tour of the city to enjoy the public celebrations during Ganesh Puja or or Iftar during Ramzan.

Now for the 15 nominations:They are in no particular order- Each blog and blogger is unique.Guys n Gals U Rock!

1.The first nomination goes to Adrian J Cartwood of 7million7years .I have followed Adrian’s blog for a year and a half now and it is first on my blogroll.I have been inspired by the blog and learnt from it.I may not adopt every single thing he says,but that’s simply because I am not comfortable with the level of debt he is happy to take on.But he writes the most commonsense of any blogger I know in the make money/become rich/become wealthy space.And though I don’t know him personally and can’t verify his claims, my guess is that he is further ahead in the wealth spectrum than many well known names in the PF space.Read his blog and do your own thinking and testing-I guarantee you you wont be wasting your time.

2.The second nomination goes to Meg of  The World Of Wealth .In her blog ,Meg details her personal experiences with wealth-making it,managing it,enjoying it.It is a truthful record that is written up well.Read the blog ;you will enjoy it.

3.The third nomination goes to Schalk of The One In One Billion Project.Health is wealth and I recommend his health and fitness section to you.He is a scientist and brings a great deal of scientific rigour and research to his writings.

4.The fourth nomination goes to Alex Jones of The Liberated Way.This blog has a calm and contemplative pace and is full of practical wisdom.The author loves nature and history.So this is a special plus for readers who are inclined this way.

5.The fifth nomination goes to Laura of lazylauramaisey.Laura writes about her life.If you like British humour and the pace of English life,I recommend her blog to you.

6.The sixth nomination goes to Tobbe Lindgren of Slapppshot -tales of a single dad……….He writes a vastly entertaining blog and at the same time tackles a lot of serious subjects.BTW he is looking for 1 million facebook followers.So if you like the blog,do consider joining via facebook.(If you don’t ask how well you ever know?-I remember Maddy!)

7.The seventh nomination goes to Christi of Simple.Interesting. He often posts breathtaking pictures that are food for the soul.

8.The eighth nomination goes to the author of  juwannadoright for his/her insightful critique of  the state of the world.

9.The ninth nomination goes to John A.Robinson of The Daily Graff .People go get your dose of humour here.

10.The tenth nomination goes to Costas of Costas Aggelakis.Check out the stunning photographs of Greece here.

11.The eleventh nomination goes t0 FrizzText of Flickr Comments by FrizzText:This is a place to go to give your brain a small work-out.I came away from reading each post with all synapses firing.

12.The twelfth nomination goes to the author of My Wiz Mind’s Wit.This is the blog to go to smile a bit,laugh a bit and think a bit.

13.The thirteenth nomination goes to Kathy of Clancy119 for her championship of the disabled.

14.The fourteenth nomination goes to  John J. Rigo of Texas Poetry.Check out John’s work here.

15.And the last and final nomination goes to the 8 blogs of Sharmistha Basu.Enjoy her works.Sharmistha wishes to be a published author,so anybody with an idea of how she can do that ,please leave her a note.



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24 Responses to Wealthymatters Recognized As One Lovely Blog

  1. Pingback: Reader Appreciation Award « Wealthymatters

  2. thanks a million times keerthi.

    • Not at all.You deserve it! You Rock!
      And remember that all 8 of your blogs are nominated.So put the badge on each of them.
      And if you are up to the challenge,tell us 56 things about yourself,especially in relation to each of your blogs and help us find 105 other Lovely Blogs.And do I know you read a great number of blogs.

  3. Keerthika,*

    Congratulations on your nomination, and THANK you for nominating my “pun-ny” photoblog! I humbly accept. Now I’ll have to put my thinking cap on to comply with the rules!

    *I scoured your blogsite for your first name. The only clue I found is that your Twitter address is “@KSingaravel.”

  4. Alex Jones says:

    Congratulations. Thanks for your nomination.

  5. Thanks so much! It’s a lovely surprise to be nominated 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    I will definitely need to check out a few of your nominees above. I’m familiar with Slapppshot, but not the rest of your list. I’m always up for discovering different blogs.

    • I think you will begin following at least a few of them.
      And thanks again for the award,It made me feel good and gave me the opportunity to do something good for people whom I have gained so much from.

  7. bigsmileu1 says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  8. frizztext says:

    thanks for “came away from reading each frizztext-post with all synapses firing…”

  9. Again my thanks and appreciation for thoughtfully rendering my poetry site as a selection for the award. Hopefully, I in turn will be able to make the time to extentfully express my selections in the future as well as my own seven major traits.

  10. Cristi M. says:

    Thank you very much for nomination. 🙂

  11. Thanks to every one, who appreciated my work 🙂

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