Forbes Real – Time Billionaires

wealthymatters,comA couple of days back I did a post on Bloomberg’s daily updated Billionaire’s list.Here is the link if you are coming in late:

Today I found out that Forbes has a similar list which is updated with a fifteen minutes lag. You can take a look at this list here:

The differences in the 2 lists are due to differences in the methodology used to estimate the net worth of these billionaires.The differences might seem huge,but keep in mind that if these net worths were so easy to tally up easily they wouldn’t be such large fortunes .

Now have fun watching huge sums being made and lost in the time it takes to snap your finger.

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3 Responses to Forbes Real – Time Billionaires

  1. zap says:

    i want to be in this

  2. humanity777 says:

    Hello and welcome to Humanity777

    The cube of Numbers, that is seen on your blog, all add up to the sum of “53”….Read the newest entry, and you see how related this is…..JESUS = 15131…..See that “53” = “8” = PROPHET!

    The signs are everywhere!


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