Bloomberg Billionaires List

wealthymattersThe Bloomberg Billionaires List consists of a daily ranking of billionaires by net worth.You can access it here

What I find interesting about the list is the daily fluctuations in these net worth figures.Obviously,these figures are for staggering amounts of money simply because these people are so wealthy.But as a percentage of their net-worth it’s not all that large.This is in huge contrast to the “financial advisers” who so glibly talk about “true investors” being comfortable with upto a 50% drop in portfolio values.It’s obviously easier to play round with and/or lose someone else’s money.Ultimately it seems the wealthy prefer ways that lead to slow (if necessary and inevitable) but steady and definite gains while reducing risks actively.Playing fast,furious and sexy with money for the thrills that the risks provide seems a way to remain out of billionairedom.

Have you ever tried checking the daily fluctuations in your net worth?I’d love to compare figures with you.

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