Helen Keller Quote

Remember “Optimism is a wealth magnet” from https://wealthymatters.com/2012/01/06/the-wealthy-personality/ ? Here is a quote on optimism by Helen Keller, to remember on your long journey towards making and growing your fortune.wealthymatters.com

Inspired by http://clancy119.wordpress.com/

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6 Responses to Helen Keller Quote

  1. zap says:

    thts true

  2. clancy119 says:

    you re-blogged my Quote that I had on my blog. You could have asked if you could use it. or at least had it as a reblog……….

    • I’m sorry I offended you.I admit I was reminded of these quotes from your recent posts.The reason I didn’t ask was because it didn’t strike me to do so as they were quotes from public figures and not original works.And the reason I didn’t reblog was because I wanted graphics and not just words.
      As a way to make it up might I add a note to both posts saying that the inspiration was your blog?

      • clancy119 says:

        Sorry I guess I over reacted to the quote I had on my blog and I was just surprized to see it on another person blog. You are correct in that it is a famous public quote and I should not claim it as my procession. All this blogging stuff is all new to me. I am still trying to figure it all out.
        Peace 🙂

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