How Much Might An Affluent Lifestyle Cost in India ?

wealthymattersIn this post here: ,the author writes that ‘the defination of proverty enunciated by the governments own man,the clown Montek Singh as Rs 28 per day. The affluent normally spend 25 times this amount everyday or even more.’This got me interested and I decided to do some basic math.Here are the results:

An affluent person spends atleast 700 rupees a day.

He/She spends atleast 21,000 rupees in a 30 day month.

This works out to an expenditure of  atleast 2.55 lakh rupees per affluent person a year.

Also an affluent family of four would spend atleast 84,000 rupees a month and 10.22 lacs per year.

Are these families wealthy?Probably not all.But they definitely have a decent income and/or access to consumer credit.They have money and a willingness to spend it on living it up now.

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