Habits Of Affluent Indians

wealthymattersWant an insight into the habits and lifestyle of affluent Indians? The  Nielsen Upper Middle and Rich (UMAR) survey is a good place to begin.

The survey looked at various parameters such as employment of domestic help (maid/driver, holiday trips abroad, dining out habits, Laptop/Desktop ownership, Air-Conditioner, Car, Television, Microwave, Washing Machine, and number of family members with internet connection at home and the type of connection used.

Based on above parameters, there are total of 25 Lakh affluent households in India, out of which
AffluentIndians Interesting insights about Affluent Indians

  • 22 lakh belong to the Upper Middle segment households that own a car and a computer, but without an LCD and a holiday abroad.
  • 2 Lakh belong to Upper Upper Middle segment households that are owners of a car, a computer, an LCD, but miss a holiday abroad.
  • 1 Lakh belong to the Rich households, who are owners of a car, a computer, an LCD, and also a holiday abroad.

So where do these affluent Indians live?According to the UMAR Survey:

The Top 10 Affluent cities in India are:-

  1. Delhi
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Greater Mumbai
  4. Chennai
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Kolkata
  7. Kochi
  8. Pune
  9. Jaipur
  10. Ahmedabad

The habits of affluent Indians:-

  • Six in ten affluent households are nuclear families.
  • 25% affluent households have elders at home.
  • More than 50% of the households have more than one earning member.
  • 90% affluent individuals own a house.
  • 75% of them have a fully automated washing machine.
  • 40% affluent individuals have a home theatre and modular kitchen.
  • English is their preferred language for newspapers.
  • Television is consumed more in regional languages.
  • 90% affluent individuals watch television and nearly 75% read English dailies.
  • More than 60% watch movies outside home.
  • More than 50% use Internet at home.
  • More than 60% individuals do not read magazines.
  • 30% affluent individuals visit a parlour or spa once a month.
  • 80% of affluent individuals go out for meals frequently.
  • 90% shop at modern retail stores and shopping malls.

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