Auspicious Days To Buy Gold In 2012

wealthymatters.comConsidering buying gold?Not beyond indulging in a bit of superstition?

The following are some of the days considered auspicious for gold purchases in 2012 according to the Hindu calendar.    


Date      Occasion           Significance


Feb. 7    Pushyamrit         Launching new ventures

Mar. 23   Gudi Padwa         Maharashtrian new year

Apr. 24   Akshaya Tritiya    Gold invokes prosperity

May  26   Pushyamrit         Launching new ventures

June 21   Gurupushyamrit     Launching new ventures

July 19   Gurupushyamrit     Launching new ventures

Aug. 2    Raksha Bandan      Festival

Aug. 16   Gurupushyamrit     Launching new ventures

Sept. 12  Pushyamrit         Launching new ventures

Oct. 24   Dussera            Festival

Nov. 11   Dhanteras          Gold invokes prosperity

Nov. 13   Laxmi Pujan         Worshipping goddess of wealth

Nov. 14   Diwali/Balipratipada Festival of Lights

Nov. 15   Bhaubij             Festival

Dec. 31   Pushyamrit          Launching new ventures


The biggest gold buying festivals are Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. An inauspicious phase — Shradh — a period for paying homage to ancestors, is from Oct. 1 to Oct. 16. The Hindu calendar has regional variations, but the above dates are broadly followed across the country in gold trade for planning inventories.

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