Life Insurance As An Asset Class

wealthymattersWe all need life insurance to take care of the economic loss to our families in case of our early demise.

In case we are taking on huge debts, it also makes good sense to purchase life insurance of a value high enough to cover them in case of your untimely demise.

However, beyond this, most people don’t bother to dwell on life insurance, because it’s acutely uncomfortable contemplating one’s own mortality and talking of the death of another. Its easy to just purchase a term cover and proceed with investing in say mutual funds.

However, if you can control yourself emotionally and go beyond  common financial dogmas that straightaway class all insurance products as bad and recommend a strict segregation of investment and insurance, you open your mind to the fascinating world of life insurance as an asset class and can start designing your own financial products that give you better returns, safety and control. Think. All insurance products are ultimately about inflows and outflows of money at various times. And only your own knowledge and imagination are limits on what you can build. Who says you can’t combine various insurance products? Or insurance and other financial products in any order? That way the blended rates of return, tax treatment, risk-reward ratio, lock-in periods and greater overall control and ability to make course-corrections are in your control to much greater extents. Read more of this post

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