Betting Options At The Race Course

wealthymatters.comTo wager you must be 18 years or older.You can bet either on the Totes or Totalisators or in the Bookmakers’ ring. The tote is a system run by the racing club. The tote (those ticket sellers behind the small windows you see everywhere) collects bets in various pools (like the win, place, tanala, jackpot, super jackpot, etc), deducts its commission and betting tax, and then distributes the balance amount to all successful tickets in respective pools. Dividend, in racing language, is the winning amount declared by the tote for the particular pool.The tote betting being less cumbersome is ideal for a beginner.You can either go to a manned Tote window and buy a cash voucher from a Tote Service Outlet, or call the roving operator with a hand-held computer. You have the option to bet at variable Tote odds or at fixed Tote odds. With the fixed Tote odds, the winning amount is guaranteed and printed on the ticket so it is similar to a bet you place with a bookie.

Here are the different ways you could bet on the Tote: Read more of this post

Get Started !

wealthymatters.comAgar Kaam Karna Hai To Seengh Ghusa Do

If you want to do something or learn any new work, then literally speaking ,’put your horns inside’ or start participating or playing the game . Observe and get the knowledge or know-how you need in the course of doing.

When the time is right and the game is BIG, then only those players who are in the field will WIN and not the ones who are outside and are contemplating to enter at that point.

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